Published rankings of the countries in which it is best to raise children

Photo credit: TASS/Brian Witte/AP

Norway, South Korea, the Netherlands, France and Ireland topped the rating of countries, where is the best place to raise children, compiled by experts from the who, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the medical journal The Lancet.

Top 5 countries scored 0.95 points. Further 0.94 points is Denmark, Japan and Belgium. Completing the top ten Iceland and the United Kingdom (0.92 points).

In the second twenty entered Luxembourg, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Malta, Austria, Australia.

Israel has occupied 24-e a place, Italy – 26-e, Estonia – 27th, Poland – 33-e, Belarus – 35-e, Saudi Arabia – 36-E. the United States was in the 39th position.

43rd place was taken by China, 46-e – Cuba, 49-e – UAE, the 60 – Turkey, 62-e – Jordan, 63-e – Iran, 73-e – Lebanon, 78-e – PA. Russia ranked 79th place, Ukraine- 91-E.

the Rating is based on parameters such as investment in health and education, child labour, availability of healthy food, the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the level of inequality and others.

Previously, based on the opinions of experts from banks, funds and development institutions was ranked the most corrupt countries in the world.

the Most transparent States are New Zealand, Denmark, Finland and Switzerland. Russia ranked 137 th place in the neighborhood with Kenya, Paraguay and Uganda.

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