Quarantine will not help new York sent a naval hospital ship

at Twitter, the American leader wrote: “On the recommendation of the operational group of the White house to combat coronavirus and after consultation with the governors of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut, I asked the Center for prevention and disease control to issue a strong recommendation for traveling…. Quarantine will not be necessary. Full details will be released by the Center for prevention and disease control in the evening. Thank you!”

In fact, we are talking about that the inhabitants of the three trump States are urged not to travel without a serious need to avoid further spread of the coronavirus, however, about the full quarantine of the question.

it reminds Bi-bi-si, informed new York Governor Andrew Cuomo W Avel that the restriction of entry and exit from the state it would be absurd and contrary to American values. With this on the new York state accounts for more than half of the confirmed cases –°ovid-19.

the situation in the US remains difficult. Health workers seek additional protective gear and equipment as they are faced with a growing number of patients. Doctors are particularly concerned about the lack of the ventilator, there is a lack of tests for coronavirus, although the White house continues to feed Americans with the promise that these tests are widely available. For anybody not a secret that the actions and statements of the American leadership in the coronavirus not consistent.

this is a personal inconsistency trump as head of state, who then fended off talk about the dangers presented by coronavirus, it is urged to take tough measures against infection. A few days ago, trump promised that for 12 April, many of the restrictions imposed in the US because the coronavirus can be removed to give impetus to the development of crises in the economy. Now, it seems, he is more realistic: “let’s See what happens.”

Manifestationsis to effectively and inconsistency in the relationship between the Federal government and state governments. After Saturday, trump said, that can impose a ban on entry and departure from new York and parts of new Jersey and Connecticut to protect other States, new York Governor Cuomo said: “If you start to protect the regions across the country, it would be quite strange, counterproductive, anti-American.”

Critics of restrictive measures, immediately called the idea of a trump about the restrictions in three States called unworkable, arguing that it will cause chaos in the region which serves as the economic engine in the Eastern part of the United States, which accounts for 10 percent of the population and 12 percent of GDP.

eventually, after a few hours, the President trump refused previously voiced his own ideas. For its part, the Centre for control and prevention (CDC) urged residents of the States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut from the non-priority travel within the country within 14 days. However, this appeal does not apply to workers in “critical infrastructure sectors”, including freight transportation, healthcare and financial services.

in the meantime, the court case, some States have set their own restrictions. For example, residents of new York, arriving in Florida and Rhode island, are faced with the order of isolation, if they intend to stay in these States, the Governors of Pennsylvania and West Virginia also asked visitors new Yorkers to sit down voluntarily to quarantine.

meanwhile, to help new York city government decided to send naval hospital ship USNS Comfort. This vessel has a capacity of 1000 beds, his arrival should help ease the pressure on hospitals preparing for the expected increase in the number of patients with coronavirus. However, according to the Governor Cuomo, his arrival is expected by mid-April. And while a new York hospital while trying to work on creating additional places for incoming patients and urge people with mild symptoms to consult with staff by phone or via video chat, instead of having to fill the rooms of the emergency. The Governor of new York warned that the demand for hospital beds may soon exceed the capacity for tens of thousands, as the outbreak reaches the expected peak after 45 days.