Update of 28. March, 2019: After the bee-desire of the wheel-decision is now hoping for broad support from the population.

Radl-decision: Now, let’s go!

With two signatures-actions to achieve the Alliance of the ADFC, the Alliance 90/The Greens, Federal nature conservation, The Left, Green City, and ÖDP, a decision in the city Council for wider, secure and gap-free cycle paths. According to information from the Alliance Radentscheid Munich already has the support of 40 partners and 1,000 volunteers.

In a first request in the Radl advocates, among other things, clearly marked bike paths, per the direction of at least 2,30 meters wide and single-wide and interconnected network demand. In a second citizens ‘ petition, the Alliance calls for a secure, stand-alone and end-to-end old town-Radlring.

you can submit the request with the city, must first a minimum of 33,000 voters in Munich to sign. This does not happen in fixed locations, but everywhere in the city: signature gatherers are on the streets.

Dieter Reiter (60, SPD) says: “it is important for me to achieve rapidly improvements for Bicycle traffic in Munich.” Therefore, he had asked the administration to make statements, what are the measures of the citizens could be desire as realized.

+ the organizers of The Radl-decision making mobile.© Stephanie.MercierRadentscheid Munich: What the citizens desire?

Munich – The exact formulation of the question of desire is on Thursday (28. March 2019) will be announced. Starting at noon will be collected at various Points throughout the city signatures.

To the Start of the desire we show on these pages, as it is the Expansion of the bike paths in the city, what should happen, what is behind the petitions, and how to do it with the signatures. In addition, we have asked around us, the pedestrians, bike riders and car drivers.

Radentscheid Munich: Who is behind the citizens ‘ initiative

initiators for the Alliance of the ADFC, the Greens, the Federal nature conservation, the Left, the Green City and the ÖDP. The Logo of the Alliance adorned with a wheel and a Dachshund. “If a Dachshund looks into the mirror, he sees a lion,” says Green City-member Thomas Häusler. So confident the project wants to fight for the objectives.

Radentscheid Munich: claims

exactly Yes or no question will only be presented today, Thursday. Roughly speaking, the citizen should enable decision safer, wide and comfortable cycle paths. A city-wide, gap-free and dense Cycling network, safe, comfortable and stress-free junctions, on-demand, comprehensive, secure Parking, and an area-efficient and socially equitable allocation of public space.

Radentscheid Munich:‘

The citizens ‘ initiative needs to 33,000 signatures – then it comes to a referendum. In order for this to succeed, then you must vote at least ten percent of the electorate in Munich with “Yes”.

Where and how can the city expand

Munich – cyclists want? The city has invested in 25 million Euro in the Expansion of bike lanes and bike infrastructure. The city Council had raised the Cycling package recently from ten to 25 million – possibly as a response to the citizens ‘ petition, neither the CSU nor the SPD participate.

the social Democrats are in a dilemma. Is also anecdotal evidence that the SPD would have liked to have joined the wheel-decision, alone from the reason not to leave the Green the theme for the local election exclusive. On the other hand, the participation of the SPD would be free but in a way, sense. Because together with the other signatories of the citizens ‘ initiative, the Green, ÖDP and the Left, were it not for in the city Council, a majority, a referendum would, therefore, not necessary.

Currently, there are in Munich, a 1200-kilometre-long Cycling network and currently 61 Bicycle roads. More than 300 one-way streets have been opened for Cycling, 350 kilometres of the Cycling route are signposted. The Expansion of the Tempo-30-zones is sought. 4000 signs on about 750 intersections. In the city alone, there are 28 000 Parking spaces for bicycles. Since 2013, has been introduced also the obligation, in the case of new buildings, Parking spaces for two-wheelers. On Schelling street, there are, Recently, the green wave: traffic lights are timed so that cyclists can without stopping. And at some intersections, there is now a green arrow, the cyclists turning right allows – despite the red traffic light!

The city wants to expand the Cycling continue, by 2024, 20 percent of the traffic movements will be managed with the wire donkey. Currently, the so-called Modal Split, is 18 percent.

Bavaria, cyclists dangerous to life – All 32 minutes of an accident

For the Münchner Radl-highways to item 900 Parking spaces in path

multiple bike-car lanes are Planned, the first is to connect as a pilot test the city centre and Garching. This includes nearly 900 Parking spaces on the Leopold and Ludwig street. Furthermore, the gaps between existing Cycling routes to be closed. In addition, all in Munich, the existing one-way streets to test whether these can be driven in the opposite direction of the cyclists. The goal: by 2025 there will be in Munich for at least 100 bike roads.

Radentscheid in Munich, with the Munich rant discuss

horns, brakes, jostling: In the city between the different traffic participants often conflict. What’s the problem? What would have to be improved? And what runs well? The tz has been around for Bicycle riders, car drivers and pedestrians in Munich:

Cycling in Munich: The bike rider

Confused signs – I think the round System here, compared with other German cities very well. Düsseldorf, for example, is as much worse. Only the signage in the downtown is a bit confused. Because you have to find it first. Dorota Rautiaienen (35), A Consultant.

+ Confused signs.© Achim Frank Schmidt

bike paths are often crowded – although There are many cycle paths, but they’re just crowded in the summer, part crass. The route along the Isar river, which I drive when the weather is nice almost every day, feels almost to the highway. I think it would be good if the bike paths would be wider. Nina Tin Hobler (39), Designer.

+ Biking trails is often© crowded. Achim Frank Schmidt more bike paths in Munich: The motorist

bottleneck for cars: say pointless – Assuming that MVG would introduce the zero tariff that would make things a lot easier. As times changed here and there, but rarely improved. The narrowing of the fork mountain road for cars to the benefit of cyclists, for example, is pointless. Korbinian Shot Man (62), Taxi Driver.

+ bottleneck for cars: futile.© Achim Frank Schmidt

bike paths clearly differentiate! I find it annoying that cyclists are allowed in the narrow one-way streets in the opposite direction of travel. This is dangerous. Generally, bike paths should be more clearly separated from the car lanes. That would make it safer for all. And everyone should keep to the rules. Peter Heid-Batka (62), An Entrepreneur.

+ Bicycle routes can be clearly delimit!© Achim Frank Schmidt Cycling in Munich: The pedestrian

It’s a good concept to need – I’ve never driven with the wheel in the city. This is too dangerous for me. A car-free city centre, I would but it’s good. Of course it would need a well thought out concept. But with rules such as only night-time traffic and larger garages did it would be for pedestrians much more beautiful. John Hirschel (72), A Pensioner.

+ It is a good concept in need of.© Achim Frank Schmidt

No cycle routes from the Oktoberfest – I love driving with the wheel, but in the city I walk. Because the path from the Theresienwiese is only Horror. Since there are no cycle paths and too many cars. Since the city could do a lot. There would be more cycle lanes, I would ride there too, probably with the bike. But this is too dangerous for me. Kilian Ruml (20), Notarial Assistant.

+ No cycle routes from the Oktoberfest.© Achim Frank Schmidt”is necessary To force the city of” Why the Initiator Andreas Groh holds the Radentscheid for sorely needed

Is a Radentscheid in our city really necessary? The tz has spoken with one of the Initiater, the Munich Board of Directors of the General German Bicycle club (ADFC), Andreas Groh.

Mr. Groh, today you reveal the secret to the exact question of the citizens ‘ initiative…

Andreas Groh has been well guarded. Only a few Insiders know the wording. We have used 25 sessions to laying down. The Problem was: The question must not be too flat, but also not too specific.

The city has increased the Budget for Bicycle traffic of 25 million euros. Why does Munich still a Radl-citizens desire?

Groh: Because in spite of all the initiatives on our part and the good Talk on the part of the city government to little consistently implemented and far too little was invested. When it comes to driving encroaching on tracks or Parking lots for the benefit of the cyclist, pinches the city – the current template displays in the city Council. So we need to force the city this way and the reins in Hand.

What you want to achieve?

Groh: We need – to put it simply – more space for the wheel to get a consistent, better and secure network.

Where’s the problem?

Groh: For example, at the Lenbachplatz and in the sun road, where the bike paths are often interrupted. To the dragon street, the bike paths are much too narrow. The Isar cycle path and the Nymphenburger road are urgently in need of improvement.

motorists argue that cyclists are in the minority…

Groh: We often hear that Bicycle traffic would only account for three percent of all passenger-kilometres. We hold, however, that demonstrated 19% of all trips are made by Bicycle in Munich, which is home to almost a fifth.

your opponents to lead that traffic would collapse in the city centre, when driving eliminate traces of…

+ Radentscheid Munich: Initiator Andreas Groh holds the Radentscheid for sorely needed.© private

Groh: Would continue to drive the same number of Munich-based car, is that true Argument. But this is a wrong assumption. We even help to reduce the duration of a traffic jam in Munich. Because if the cycle network is well developed, many on the wheel. The experiences from Copenhagen and other Cycling cities. Clear: The bike can’t solve everything. But if the Cycling is more attractive and safer, and may waive a part of the Munich-based on the private car, more Cycling and car sharing and public transport combine. And at the end in Munich, we have less congestion.

How do you rate the opportunities for your citizens desire?

Groh: We are confident that the necessary 33.000 votes, up to the summer holidays to get together. The Munich-based politically, it is currently pretty active you can see that in the numbers of participants in demonstrations.

A study in Munich take the wheel shows but only a few in order to go shopping. Many Bicycle riders are displeased with the Situation: Cycling in Munich is really only okay if it rains.

S. Karowski, N., Bautz, A. Schmidt

attention a number of incidents are currently in Gauting: Unknown manipulation on the friends school campus, parked bicycles on the brakes or loosen the fastenings of the tyre, reported Merkur.de*.

*Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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