Cologne (dpa/tmn) – Pets like dogs or cats are travelling for the first in a special transport box in the car. In addition, the Tüv Rheinland informed. He recommends more compact boxes for smaller animals behind the front seats in the footwell.

dog and co. is larger, its corresponding Box, for example, in the cargo area of station wagons, Vans or SUVs good place. Important so that the animal can withstand loads during accident better: The Box transverse to the direction of travel right on the rear seat in place. Impact forces can be distributed more evenly. For additional protection of the rear passengers a with clamping belts secured Box and a robust, built-in dividers.

Just a “second choice” are Holding lock harnesses for strap or the Isofix hook. In the case of an accident, they only offer limited protection, so the testing organization. If drivers use it, you should choose the possible width of the straps, as well as solid clasps and the beast, “tight strap”.

animals are regarded by law as a charge. Adequate protection is therefore mandatory. If not, are at risk of accidents, fines, and reductions in the full comprehensive insurance. But especially the animal can cause serious injury. Example: A 20-pound dog developed at a pace of 50 a impact force of over half a ton. This is probably fatal to the animal itself and provides for severe injuries to the occupants, so the Tüv Rheinland.


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