The former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy published on December 3, her book Spain’s best (Plaza & Janés), in which he looks at his stage in front of the Executive and his vision of the events that marked the Spanish policy, as the motion of censorship driven by Pedro Sanchez who were evicted from the Palace of the Moncloa. “From 3 December you will be able to meet my personal vision of a few critical years in the history of Spain”, has announced this Wednesday the own Rajoy, in a message on his Twitter account.

Rajoy, who only gives that much detail on the release date in their publication, focus of the focus of the media in early December when they sell their political memoirs. This publication coincides with the establishment of the new Courts that shall come of the general elections of November 10.


Married for lunch with Rajoy in full swing to the moderation of the leader of the PP The “forgetting” of Rajoy and other assessments of witnesses

One of the parts that will bring most excitement will be the related to the intricacies surrounding the motion of no confidence that unseated the power of the June 1, 2017, as well as if it refers or not to the so-called Operation Monti —in allusion to the former prime minister of italy Mario Monti— yes that you mention in your book, the former minister Jorge Fernández Díaz. The own Rajoy has referred to this matter in the presentation of the work of Fernández Díaz, where he said that some wanted to “name a president from your home.” The extitular of Interior reveals in Each day is his desire that before the elections in June 2016 delivered a report with candidates technical that could be submitted to a debate of investiture.

In this presentation, the 10th of October in Madrid, Rajoy asked the PSOE and the PP agree on the “big topics” State as they did in the 90’s both formations with the territorial model. “It is expedient that the two major parties to be able to do it”, then recommended.


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