The three parties that make up the valencian Government, the socialists, Compromís and We have presented this Wednesday in the Valencian parliament a proposal to eliminate the distinction by sex of school uniforms to consider, which violates “the individual liberties and the rights of non-discrimination of students”.


Galicia, the first community to put an end to the skirt mandatory uniforms In this irish college, girls, and boys can choose from uniform, with a skirt or trousers

The approval of the reform of the decree of 2008 regulating “the coexistence in the educational centres no university sustained with public funds,” it is safe, since all three forces have a majority in the regional Parliament. But only requires schools and public institutions, and not to the semi-private and private, that are imposed to the students the use of uniform.

The initiative establishes the “full individual freedom” in uniforms and expressly provides that a student may not be “obliged to skirt by reason of their sex”.

The measure has been filed in the Commission for Education and Culture of the Valencian parliament for the socialist Ana Besalduch, which has declared that it will contribute to “adapt the rules of the public schools in the TWENTY-first century”; Pilar Lima, we Can, that what has been considered a necessary step towards a “school that is inclusive and egalitarian,” and Daddy Oaks, Compromís, it has been claimed that the current distinction by sex in the matter of uniforms violates “the principle of equality before the law and non-discrimination by any circumstances, including the sexual and gender diversity”.


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