Munich – Actually, it seemed to be for the Fans of FC Bayern to be a quiet evening: after twelve minutes, Leon Goretzka brought the record champion against the Underdog from Heidenheim in Front. Not a complete show turn later cooked the emotions but high.

As Niklas Süle gate storming attacker Robert Andrich brought in the direction of Bavaria, just outside the penalty area with a male sliding tackle from the side to the case. Referee Guido Winkmann handle to the yellow card marriage for all with a surprise delay to the video proof of the step. Multiple the Impartial looked at the scene on the screen. And sent Süle, finally, with a smooth red card from the field.

FC Bayern against Heidenheim – Süle flies to the video proof with red

The scene raised questions: Is justified a video proof at all – or it was a yellow card, rather, a fact’s decision, which was quite far from a blatant referee error? And what Süle ever saw red? An emergency brake seemed to be due to the in addition to the counterparty injured Joshua Kimmich questionable. Also a rough foul on was, at least, not necessarily.

Bayern-Fans in the network recorded the disputed video evidence at least with bewilderment to the knowledge. “Either the referee whistles in the Regionalliga or all of the games of Neymar”, etched a Twitter User. Other handles to hands-on insults against the waving man “is never red!!” belonged to the more moderate. Even allegations of fraud.

Süle-Red: opinions Shared in the network – FC Bayern responded unsettled

show That the scene could well be a case for debate to the referee course, but the opinions of others: “Red, you can give it! Without the Foul, the 1 against 1 against Ulreich would be,“ said another Twitter commentator.

The player of the FCB responded anyway, unsettled by the hard decision in the second start-up: The false passports piled up in a row – and a quarter of an hour after the incident recorded Ex-lion Robert Glatzel compensation for the Heidenheimer. The video evidence so it can bring even the all-time greats of German football is in a mess.

As of the record master, it was just before half-time began, even the next Trouble: Thomas Müller came in turn just outside the penalty area in a somewhat opaque scene – waving man had run. Some had a tip for him at the ready: “video proof”.

Even before the Penalty kick for Heidenheim in the second half, the referee declined, however, on consultation with his colleagues in front of the screens. Later, FC Bayern benefited from the decisions of the Cologne in the cellar, after consultation with the video referee Guido Winkmann was still the first, but knew 4:2 by Serge Gnabry. This goal was, however, also undisputed, that the waving man was wrong.

Niklas Süle even showed after the game by the way, understanding of the place of reference: “It was a Foul, but whether it is red? From the feeling on the court I would say: ‘Yes you can'” he was quoted by Eurosport.


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