“For the French, for the Europeans, the account is not there”. Nathalie Loiseau, the head of the list of the majority to the European, has called on Europe to take its flight, Saturday, during his first mass meeting in less than two months before the election of 26 may. In front of some 3,000 supporters gathered at the Docks of Aubervilliers, north of Paris, the former minister of european Affairs has so many blasted the nationalism that defended the ecology, praising the consistency of a list is accused by his opponents of being a catch-all.

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“My children are there. I want to be able to say that we have done everything to stop this crazy race to the destruction of our planet, said Nathalie Loiseau. We don’t want that ecology is limited to a between-self-advocate, still less to a pension policy.”

the head of The list was authorised, of the raised tone when it came to his opponents. “Some want to go back to the nationalism, at the time of blood and hatred. What they advertise, it is the Europe in reverse. Do not let them win !”

A program modeled on the forum of Macron

In the polls, the list LREM addresses the maturity in the elbow-to-elbow with that of the national Rally, with around 22% of voting intentions, is a twenty elected officials. The challenge of this first meeting was to size for Nathalie Loiseau, a relatively little-known, charged as much model a list of heterogeneous to raise enthusiasm among the walkers sometimes skeptical.

For two hours, the candidates with the most iconic of the list – only the first thirty out of the 79 are now known – have sketched out the basics of the program, which will be unveiled in the second half of April but is already modeled on the forum of Emmanuel Macron published in early march in the european press. The head of State presented a battery of proposals to revive the EU, the revamping of Schengen to the creation of a bank for the climate. Moreover, these are the words of the chairman, absent from the meeting, which were the opening of the meeting, with a video of excerpts from the great speeches in europe.

View the unity between the leaders of paris

“Europe needs to make climate change his priority, this will be ours”, has hammered the number two of the list, Pascal Canfin, former EELV, ex-minister of François Hollande, former head of WWF France. “You need to get out of the war sterile between environmentalists and farmers,” he launched it at the address of the number four of the list, Jeremy Decerle, a rancher, former president of the Young Farmers.

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The journalist Bernard Guetta, number eight, has finally warned: “If you don’t like the Eu, try the disunity, but for pity’s sake, ladies and gentlemen of the nationalists, not the made in thoughts”.

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Europe : boondoggles in the series during the presentation of the list LREM Journalist and candidate LREM to the european, Bernard Guetta intends to combine the European : who is Nathalie Loiseau, the likely head of a list LREM ?

beyond that, it is an image of unity that it was to show, in the presence of heads of political parties partners : in addition to Stéphane Guérini, the patron saint of LREM, François Bayrou for the MoDem, Laurent Hénart for the radical Movement, and the minister of Culture, Franck Riester, for the party of centre-right Act, have been ovationnés.


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