Residents of the capital have decided to call the newborn Saninsky kids in a

Photo: Urban Farm ENEA

Sayanskiy to kids who were born in the “City farm” exhibition center, was given “space” names. This choice was made by the inhabitants of the capital, taking part in the public voting, according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

to Decide what nickname to give new Pets, you can visit the exhibition in the social network Instagram. The result is kids called Breeze and Star.

“But most users of social networks was fantasizing about the “space” names, as mothers bear the names of Soviet dogs in space, flew on the ship “Sputnik-5″ in 1960”, – noted the representatives of the ENEA.

Among the options put forward by the Muscovites, were: March March, Gerda and Kai, Romeo and Juliet, the nut and Screw.

In the semi-finals of this vote came four options: for the goat – the Breeze, Switty, Mars, Cog, for goat – Star, milk, Moon, bobbin.

Such a vote among the citizens satisfied the first time. So, at the end of January it became known that the Cameroonian kid with the “Urban farm” at ENEA chose the name the same.

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