The deputy we Can for the province of Jaén in the andalusian Parliament José Luis Cano Palomino has waived this Monday to your record, recognizing that took trips in the platform Blablacar for those who also perceived a per diem for travel of the Camera in andalusia. It is the second parliamentary regional resigns for the same reason in less than a week after last Thursday you did Andrew, Semper, member of Citizens for Almeria.

Has been the Cano Palomino who has made public his situation in a note posted on his profile of Facebook, which acknowledges that since that is a deputy has used “on some occasions, either for the destination of Seville to Jaén, coinciding with meetings of the Parliament, or without the same, or with other destinations in displacements personal”, the platform Blablacar.

The deputy Later Andalusia, the coalition of the United Left and Podemos, party this last to which it belongs, makes a defense of the use of this type of transport platforms, which highlights the energy savings. “I believe that, in general, the platforms for the sharing of vehicle trips are a good instrument (reliable and secure) that allows you to share expenses, to make it more enjoyable travel and reduce CO2 emissions by what I have used so far in my journeys, particular and also in some occasions in my travels to the Andalusian Parliament”, he explains.

The case is very similar to that which led to the resignation to Semper, who ended up resigning his seat, after transcending that claimed 24,50 euros per passenger in your private car when you receive 410 euro compensation for their travel as a member of parliament.


Resigns a deputy andalusian Cs that took trips on BlaBlaCar by those that received diets Forward Andalusia does not break with, we Can but ask for a mark to own The rights to agree the budget andaluz for 2024 with measures to reduce the public sector

This case has put together a considerable stir in the Parliament, which is what has led to Cano to “check the public importance of this type of conduct. “I’ve thought about it,” says Cano in his note, “coming to the conclusion that the public, tired of the perks and misuse of public money by the politicians, may not accept this practice still remains a need for a public debate on the issue that includes in detail all the concepts and forms adopted by the compensation committee of the parliamentary andalusian”.

The deputy, we Can ensures that perceived to 480 euros per month for mileage, in addition to a fixed amount weekly of 340 euros to the cost of accommodation and food. Your salary is 2.984,23 euros net. These quantities are common to all the members —except the mileage, which is stipulated in function of the distance to Sevilla—. In the case of Can, the final figure is lower because of the rules of the game require that a portion of the remuneration is intended to aid social groups.

In a statement, we Can states that it learned of this situation this morning and described the issue as a fact “intolerable because it is incompatible with the new ethics policy that assumes we Can from birth”.

This training policy and, especially, its general coordinator, Teresa Rodriguez, has spent months battling to justify diets. The own Rodriguez attempted to return, without success, 8.640 € in diets collected while on maternity leave. The legal services of the Parliament estimate that those diets are justified.


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