Retired Colonel staged a bloody massacre out of jealousy in the suburbs

As it became known “MK”, Saturday, March 28, 63-year-old retired officer one of the power structures Victor I. (names changed) with his ex-wife, 62 – year-old Olga came to the country in Ramenskoye district. The couple officially divorced a few years ago, but maintained a good relationship.

the Bloody picture of the first discovered 40-year-old son Igor, who Sunday morning brought the cottage to the parents of their children, so that they could stay in the country into a period of quarantine. Going up to the country house, the man saw lying on the porch mother. She showed no signs of life, the body was visible stab wounds. He called an ambulance and ran to find father. However, there was no sign. She ran into the bathhouse, Igor saw the lifeless body of Victor Ivanovich.

As told colleagues of Olga Nikolaevna, the relationship of the couple deteriorated a few years ago. Viktor was very jealous wife, who worked as head of Department in one of the hospitals of the city. Especially in recent time, the doctor literally blossomed her many compliments. The husband came to her work, satisfied with the scandals. Tired of the constant quarrels, Olga filed for divorce and moved out from her husband. But to communicate they have not stopped. Still a few linked for more than 40 years of marriage, children and grandchildren. Lately, conflicts have become more frequent, however none of my friends even could not assume that the former officer will dare to take this step.