The virologist said, is it possible to be infected with the coronavirus cuts

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the Virologist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein told Moscow 24, can you get coronavirus through cuts on the skin.

“In principle, through the wound the virus can get, but I think there is no particular danger, because the wound quickly tightened, forms a scab (a dry crust. – Approx. ed.). Another thing, when the wounds are large,” – explained the expert.

If you have a wound left outside and exposed to the air, then nothing bad will happen. You can become infected if someone is sick coughs on the wound.
Anatoly Altstadtviertel

in addition, Altstein recommended to seal the wound in that case, if a person is going to commit some action. “It all depends on what kind of wound. If very unpleasant, of course, it’s better to stick with”, – said the virologist.

In turn, the doctor-the therapist Lyudmila Lapa in the interview with Moscow 24 said that before you seal the wound with a bandage or a special glue, it must be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or any other similar means.

“Any barrier material, whether plaster or bandage, does not pass any viruses. What to use is a matter of taste, someone that is convenient, there is no difference” – said the expert.

most Importantly, the wound was covered. Even regular cream panthenol works and helps to close the wound, because accelerates the regeneration, from the top you can also put a band-aid.
Lyudmila Laurac-therapist

the Physician said that before sealing the wounds of the hands should be thoroughly disinfected, including wash with soap and water.

Earlier it was reported that the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia increased up to 1836 people. 66 of them recovered. According to the world health organization (who) in the world at the moment confirmed 638 thousand cases of infection.

For the past day in Moscow recorded 212 new patients with COVID-19. Among them, 102 persons at the age from 18 to 40 years, 58 people – from 40 to 65 years and 35 patients older than 65 years. A coronavirus also was diagnosed in 17 children.

All the sick and exposed people are already under medical care. It is noted that 43 people from among the new patients he visited Europe in the last two weeks. For all the time of a pandemic in Moscow were identified 1226 infections.

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