Reusable medical masks began to sew in the suburbs

In the suburbs began to sew reusable medical masks

In the suburbs began to sew reusable medical masks, the TV channel Moscow 24.

Garment factory is located in Odintsovo. Earlier, there were produced only clothing. It is planned that will dump a thousand pieces in a week. In April, the factory will produce 700 thousand masks, in may – million. More than a thousand masks will distribute free of charge social services and the police.

Reusable masks seal tightly to the face, and they can be washed up to five times. As the General Director of the Odintsovo garment factory, Vladimir Bykov, the mask can withstand up to five washings due to the fact that it marked the silver solution. According to him, implementing the solution holds up to five washings. To wear such a mask can for 8 hours, then wash and the next day again to wear.

as for homemade masks, experts say that when used correctly they are no less effective than medical. Disposable mask is recommended to leave to the doctors.

“the validity of conventional medical masks about 2 hours. If it’s a mask that you yourself made out of fabric, then life may be a little longer – up to three to four hours. And besides, it can be reusable. That is, after use it can be washed, ironed and re-use,” said pediatrician Anastasia Turchinska.

Previously to the sale of protective masks and joined the Russian star. “Designer” accessories began to offer online at obscenely inflated prices. The price per share reached 3 thousand rubles.

In this regard, the staff of the CPS told how to use medical masks. It was reported that reusable means of protection must be subjected to special treatment. Any mask is advised to be changed every 2-3 hours.

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