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With the development of arms designers from different countries began to focus not only on improving the quality of firing – rate of fire, accuracy and other characteristics, but lower levels produced by the gun noise. Such weapons were developed, including in the USSR. One of the samples was the revolver Gurevich.

to Kill silently

Experience of special operations during the great Patriotic war showed that it is important not only to quickly and efficiently eliminate enemy manpower but to do this as quietly, without attracting too much attention. Standing on the red army muffler brothers Mitya “will Bramit” no longer meet the needs of the scouts.

meanwhile, the silence of the shooting often depended on the success of the entire operation. Spies and saboteurs who went to the front line, extract important information, for example, about the beginning of the offensive of the enemy and maneuvers of his troops, took the “languages” among enemy officers. To make this jewelry work needed most quietly, without making a single loud sound. In such conditions, the noise reduction of small arms has been paramount to the success of the operation.

the Inventor of the NKVD

the Development of better weapons for the exploration instructed the engineer from Arkhangelsk Eugene Samoylovich Gurevich, who worked as a gunsmith in the structure of the NKVD. Inventions he was involved in 1936, and by that time had accumulated sufficient experience.

the engineer later recalled that pretty broke the head on creating the most effective system of weapon absorption. Gurevich, according to his confession, tried dozens of options. In may 1943 he presented a cartridge, firing without smoke and noise. Based this system was on the water – revolutionary for that time method.

“Water” Chuck

the Essence of development Gurevich was cutthe increase of the powder gases in the cartridge casing and the use of the principle of “water pusher”. The gunpowder in the shell casing was at the bottom and at the top was filled with distilled water. Separated from each other upper and lower level of special gasket – pijem. At the top of the structure was the bullet.

When fired, the wad pressed into the water, which served as a catalyst for the bullet in the barrel. Powder gases remained inside the sleeve. Thus it was possible to get rid of the sound shock wave, which ensured the silence of fire.

there were problems. For example, at extremely low temperatures, the water in the casing could freeze. Later this problem was solved by replacing the water in the liquid mixture is 60% alcohol and 40% glycerol.

the Revolver Gurevich

a Further step was the creation of special weapons for the innovative cartridges. So was born the revolver, named after its Creator.

This is a five-charging gun of sufficiently large dimensions, which is not surprising, because the length of a revolver cartridge Gurevich exceeding 74 mm. The bullet from the barrel and flew at a speed of 220-230 m / sec.

the Design of the arms was a fairly simple operation, the drum was easy to remove and replace with new. Despite the size, the weapon looked rather elegant, although the size of the drum, due to the large ammunition, was introduced some imbalance in the visual perception of the revolver.

Gurevich vs Revolver

in the Summer of 1944 the “water” revolver got to the test site, which competed with the revolver Nagant. It turned out that the shooting of the “Gurevich” was much quieter and more like the sound of opening the bottle cork.

the Revolver Gurevich also outperformed its rival on the accuracy of fire and firing in difficult conditions, which is especially appreciated attending the test of the scouts.

the success was reported “up”, and then in Tula has begun serial production of revolvers Gurevich for the needs of special forces. True the first batch was very small – 53 units and a thousand cartridges to them.

unfortunately, the first batch turned out in the end and only. After the war, interest in him waned. The fact that the military at that time preferred a more compact weapon, which “Gurevich” clearly didn’t fit. In the end, serving as some time needs intelligence, the revolver was withdrawn from service.

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