Who used war gases during the Civil war in Russia

History 27/02/20 Who used war gases during the Civil war in Russia

Nothing is more terrible chemical weapons, which is outwardly imperceptible, but terrible in its consequences. Especially wildly when poisonous chemicals are not used against foreign troops, but against their fellow citizens during the civil war. Despite the fact that official historiography denies the use of poison gas during the Civil war in Russia, the memoirs, both white and red commanders show quite the opposite.

Crime against humanity

the First use of chemical weapons in the world was recorded in the night from 12th to 13th of July 1917, when the German military sprayed poison gas mustard gas on the Anglo-French troops in Belgium. To disrupt the enemy offensive, the Germans laid mines special filled with an oily liquid. When the detonation of an explosive device in the air instantly dissipated the gas blister action. The first victims of chemical weapons of the German army were 2 490 soldiers of the Anglo-French forces. Soon 87 of them died in terrible agony, and the rest for life remain disabled. It should be noted that the British themselves were not averse to use chemical weapons, just not had them. To poison gas UK scientists were able only in 1918. He was immediately put to use. The act unjustifiable, because the fate of Germany was already a foregone conclusion, before the armistice in the First world war was only two months.

Not surprisingly, during the Civil war in Russia, which was attended by the Entente forces, the opposing sides tried to tip the scales to their side by using chemical weapons. Its considerable stocks available in the warehouses of the red Army, inherited from the tsarist regime. The whites and shells with chemical toxic substances generously supplied the British.

word of mouth

Officially, in the USSR the toxic gases used only in the suppression of the peasant uprising in Tambov. However, in a number of books and documents on the history of the Civil war in Russia, you can find completely different information. A Colonel Konovalov may 22, 1919, telegraphed to another Colonel Ametistovoe that he approached the British with a request to send to Kerch 50 thousand pounds asphyxiant gases. Obviously, the request was granted, since may 25, 1919 appeared the report of the whites, which indicated that at 22.00 English destroyer fired on a Church in the village adzhimushkay 15 of asphyxiating shells. The information was published in 1961 in the book “the Struggle for Soviet power in the Crimea: Documents and materials”. Do not trust this source impossible. Unfortunately, this was not the only case of the use of chemical weapons during the Civil war.

In July 1919 he was fighting for Kozheozersky monastery. During the siege the abode of a Colonel Mikheev stated that, despite the direct hits of artillery shells, the walls of the monastery remain unassailable. In this situation, the Colonel asked the British gas shells, but he refused. In turn, in the book “Worley the lost Empire. Aviation in the Civil war”, the authors reported that whites were often dropped on the position of the red Army shells with mustard gas, which they received from the British. At the same time, it would be unfair to blame the use of chemical weapons to the troops of the White army. The red army used it no less. In the Museum of the small town of Krasny Yar near Ufa has a copy of the order of V. I. Chapayev, in which he orders the commander of the artillery battalion of the 25th division Kravchuka to prepare for firing Ufa 3 000 shells. One third of them had to be with a chemical gas. As you know Ufa Chapaev picked up.

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