Rihanna's first single appeared 15 years ago. It's kind of a reason to celebrate, a moment to remember and time for a big thank you.

On the occasion of the anniversary of their debut single "Pon de Replay", pop superstar Rihanna thanks all fans. "15 years later, and I'm here because God has brought me to you," the 32-year-old singer wrote in an Instagram story. Her fans would have raised, supported, tolerated and loved her: "I am grateful to have been given to you as fans and family."

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The first single came in second

With the song "Pon de Replay", which was released on May 24, 2005, Rihanna made it to number two on the US charts – it was her first of a total of 31 top 10 hits. The audition on the Def Jam label seems like yesterday, the musician wrote on Instagram. Fans had celebrated the anniversary under the hashtag "15YearsOfRihanna". (dpa / KT)


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