Rimma Shershneva: partisan, closed his body embrasure of the bunker

Heroes 14/03/20 Rima Shershneva: partisan, closed his body embrasure of the bunker

the Name of Alexander Matrosov – the hero of the great Patriotic war, who closed an embrasure of the enemy bunker, familiar to all from school years. However, few people know that a similar feat was done by a woman. Rather, 17-year-old Belarusian partisan Rima Shershneva.

the Young radio operator

Rimma I. Shershneva (according to others – Eye V. Shershneva or Sherstneva) was born 28 Jul 1925 in Dobrush of the Gomel region (Belarus), the family gamekeeper. In 1933 the family Shershneva moved to Minsk. In 1941 she graduated from the ninth grade.

With the beginning of the war Rima with her mother and two younger sisters were evacuated to the village of Totskoe Chkalov area. In the summer of 1942 she graduated high school. While still a schoolgirl, she wrote a letter to the Komsomol Central Committee with a request to send her to the front. Barely received a certificate, Rimma went to Moscow for training courses for radio operators. Cadets were trained not only telecommunications, but also shooting, topography, pyrotechnics, parachute jumping. On completion of the course Shershnevo enrolled in the Komsomol youth partisan group named after Nikolay Gastello. They were sent to the village Kosachev near Smolensk, located near the front. On the night of August 20, 1942, the detachment crossed the front line and by the end of September, breaking more than a thousand kilometers in the rear of the German troops, reached the Belarusian Polesye.

In October, Rimma became connected group of the Central Committee LKSM of Belarus, headed by K. T. Mazurov. Its objective was to provide a link between the underground groups and the Central Committee of Leninist young Communist League. She also distributed leaflets, held meetings with the youth, acquainted the local population with reports of the Soviet information Bureau and collected razvedeniya.

the Attack in Lomovichi

In November 1942 Shershnevo enrolled in team pink, which belonged to the Minsk partisan connection. 25 Nov 1942 partisans attacked the German garrison stationed in the village of Lomovichi. Before the Germans to protect themselves, burned the surrounding villages, shot the villagers, who were suspected of unreliability. The garrison was very well fortified – surrounded by a moat, barbed wire, bunkers and pillboxes.

Although Shershnev was ordered the commander to stay on the base, she broke it and joined the party. The attack began early in the morning. The Nazis scribbled machine guns, the guerrillas threw grenades at bunkers and tol. Fell dead and wounded.

At the intersection was installed in a bunker with a circular attack. To advance further the partisans became difficult. Then Rima, who was walking beside the commander, rushed forward and his body covered embrasure bunker.

Comrade Rima detachment Viktor Chistov says: “There suddenly appeared Rimma Shershneva and another boy. He was immediately knocked down fascist bullet. And Rima ran fifteen meters or twenty fell. Moment and she crawled to the bunker. Again jumped up and shouted something at us, threw a grenade, and in another moment rushed into the breach, and Nazi machine gun stopped.

For a moment the guerrillas were frozen in amazement. Then with a violent “Ur-RRA-a!” lunged forward. I ran to the bunker, climbed on him. Look — our Rima hung limply on the enemy machine gun by closing a deadly rectangle of the loopholes. I gently pulled her upstairs to the dome of the bunker. Look, he’s breathing…”

Death in the name of love?

the bullet-Riddled Rima did not die immediately, she was taken to the nearest village Starosci, summoned to her surgeon of the Minsk partisan connections Ibrahim Druana. The girl lived another ten days, almost all the time while in an unconscious state. She died on 6 December 1942 and December 7, was buried in the village of Givoni Lyuban district of the Minsk region.

About the feat Shershneva, the Soviet information Bureau reported: “Guerrilla group operating in one of the districts of the Polesie region, in the combat assniya was fired from camouflaged German bunker. Unit was threatened by a great danger. Partisan Rima Shershneva rushed forward and his body covered embrasure bunker. The brave partisan-patriot died a heroic death, but saved the detachment commander and other comrades. Guerrillas destroyed entrenched in the bunker of the Nazis and successfully completed a combat mission”.

There is a version that feat Shershnevo pushed love to the commander – Kirill Mazurov. Maybe they decided to sacrifice himself to save his life. But whatever it was, the act was heroic.

Subsequently, the partisan remains were reburied at the memorial complex for Soviet activists, soldiers and partisans in Lyuban’. Rimma Shershnevo posthumously awarded the Order the red banner.

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