Any prisoners the Germans were doing with their helpers in the concentration camps

History 15/03/20 Any prisoners the Germans were doing with their helpers in concentration camps

the Conventional wisdom that the prisoners of Nazi concentration camps mocked solely by the staff of these prisons of death, actually not quite true – at the service of the Nazis consisted of collaborators from among themselves as prisoners. They were called “KAPO”.
And often voluntary helpers of the Nazis committed atrocities no less than their temporal patrons.

the Jews sought to “KAPO”

the Etymology is still unclear. Translated from Italian capo means “head” (“home”), in French caporal – “corporal”, “the boss.” Obviously, this is a common designation of the status of the accomplices of the Nazis in the Nazi concentration camps were pejoratively, the “Capo” despised and employees of the camp administration and the prisoners.

Judging from the archives, stored scrupulously neat by the Germans, the administration of concentration camps is not particularly interested in nationality or social origin “Capo” among the collaborators of the Nazis were Jews and representatives of other “secondary”, “nanotechnik” Nations.
There is a prejudice that the concentration camps of the Third Reich was merely a temporary haven for prepared to destroy the inhabitants of the occupied fascist Germanies countries. It is not so – there were (of course, in different conditions than the Soviet prisoners of war) of local criminals and other rabble, captured French, British and representatives of other countries of anti-Hitler coalition, who were treated relatively softer than other categories of prisoners.

even Happened that the chiefs of these Nazi concentration camps were appointed Jews as “KAPO” in the barracks, where they were kept mostly at the fault of the German soldiers and officers – thus on delinquent kind of joking. Of course, the Germans “their” is not sent to the gas chambers, starved and exhaustedtive work. But these prisoners had to humiliate the fact that the overseers of the representatives of the Supreme Aryan race are yude.

What were they

The “Capo” prisoners often sought because of the desire to survive in a concentration camp at any cost. While these hangers-on need, they existed. “KAPO” was the camp of the asset. In our time they were a certain kind of “grandfathers” in the Soviet (Russian) army – informal leaders, ruling over the masses servitude with the consent and on the direct instructions of the authorities. Only the rights of “Capo” was determined not by life, but only loyalty to the administration of the concentration camps and willingness to fulfill his orders. Methods of influence on “wards” at “grandfathers” and “Capo,” was similar. Among the Germans (natives of Germany) “Capos” in the camps often become criminals.

“Capo” exercised grassroots control over the prisoners barracks, distributed food, watched the discipline. They were appointed elders or overseers. Instead of the “KAPO” getting an opportunity to eat better wards (often for their own account), collaborators of the Nazis were receiving relief in respect of the mode and form of clothing, other preferences.

Instead of the “Capo” has demonstrated absolute readiness for any punitive action against prisoners. For example, according to the memoirs of prisoners of the camp Mittelbau-Dora, “Capo,” they were only Jews. Any violations of the prisoners, they immediately reported to the administration of the concentration camps. Often the “Capo” beat their fellows no less severely than it did the Nazi guards. Happened, people were killed to death. There is evidence that among the Jews-the”Capo” was the sodomites raping prisoners, including minors.

There is a perception that some of the Jews, prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, were saved from certain death because he was “Capo”. The Nazis intended to destroy the representatives of this nation completely, but as long as the number of concentration camps among yude replenished, the Nazis needed the assistants from among themselves sentenced to death, to bring his idea to the end.

Resistance in Treblinka

However in the history of the “Capo” was the examples and hidden counteraction to the Nazi regime. In particular, the underground organization, which included the activists of the concentration camps Treblinka, tried to alleviate the plight of the prisoners. The backbone of it consisted of the doctor of the camp staff Hornickova Y., “glaucoma” (camp senior) engineer Gaevskogo and a member of the security sector Treblinka Z. Bloch.

Hornitzky prepared for the uprising in Treblinka. But it ended in failure. The doctor managed to take poison before he was captured and executed. Subsequently his companions made another attempt, but the Germans shot most of the conspirators.

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