British star Robbie Williams’ new album is said to be based on the sounds of “disco music”. However, the master does not really have a release plan yet

In any case, the “Angels” singer said that he was primarily inspired by party music for his upcoming album, which is the successor to his “The Heavy Entertainment Show” album from 2016.

The swarm of women said via Instagram Live: “I have to say when I look at the track list of my new songs from the brand new album that I don’t know when it will be released. It sounds a lot like disco. ”

He does it with Kylie again

There is also a song on the record that the musician dedicated to his wife Ayda Field, with whom he raised four children together and who helped him dry up after years of alcohol addiction.

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue recently revealed that she and Robbie would be working on another duet. The two stars had a huge success with their joint hit ‘Kids’ from 2000 and the song can be heard on Robbie’s “Sing When You’re Winning” LP. (Bang)

Robbie Williams: His 11 solo studio albums

1997: Life Thru a Lens
1998: I’ve Been Expecting You
2000: Sing When You’re Winning
2001: Swing When You’re Winning
2002: Escapology
2005: Intensive Care
2006: Rudebox
2009: Reality Killed the Video Star
2012: Take the Crown
2013: Swings Both Ways
2016: The Heavy Entertainment Show


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