Rosa Kuleshova: what has become of the most mysterious female psychic

Biography 15/02/20 Rosa Kuleshova: what has become of the most mysterious female psychic

Rosa Kuleshova is one of the few people with paranormal abilities whose name was well known in the Soviet era. However, until now, researchers argue whether rose could see the skin.

Reading with your fingers

rose was Born in 1940 in the Ural village of Pokrovka in Nizhny Tagil. Was raised by her grandmother, who died early. After the death of her grandmother the girl was having epileptic seizures. Due to health problems she was unable to finish school: after the seventh grade took a job as a nurse in the hospital.

In 1960, the girl enrolled in courses Amateur. After graduation she began to lead the drama club in the society of the blind. Blind read texts using the so called Braille. Kuleshova also wanted to try. First she took the cutting alphabet, which was used by the first graders. For two weeks she managed to learn to read on it the words “not looking”. Then she tried to read also blind the owner with the usual letters. First fingers felt only the roughness of the printed paper text. But it took a year and a half and she has trained so that quietly read the text without looking at the book.

in the Spring of 1962, the rose angina landed in the hospital, where she underwent surgery to remove the tonsils. She once suggested etnopolitical to show that he can read with my eyes closed. She was blindfolded and handed the open book. Rose began to slide his fingers across the page, and read aloud the three lines. The women were so amazed that talked about the phenomenon of doctor. He called Kuleshov to his office and gave the medical book, which was wrapped in a pillowcase. Closing her eyes, rose read aloud the whole page. With the filing of Dr. soon in a local publication published an article about kuleshovoj.

belly dancer and teacher

as a result she was invited to work in the circus in Nizhny Tagil. Performances Roses have always collected a lot of the public. In the arena Kuleshova had to read with his eyes closed, and recognize the colors and shapes of various objects without looking at them and touching them with his hands.

In 1965, rose moved to Sverdlovsk, where he got a job at a school for blind children. She began to teach them to read and navigate the space according to his method. However, the purpose of teaching children are not told that their teacher actually sighted.

more receptive the student was a boy named Sasha Nikiforov. Thanks rose, he was able to learn to recognize objects at a distance and walk without a stick and without an escort.

Skin the vision or clairvoyance?

at the same time Rose interested scientists. It conducted numerous experiments, not only in Sverdlovsk, but also in Moscow. For example, blindfolded and placed between it and the book is a dense partition. However, the woman still could not read any text from the book, regardless of its level of difficulty. Still, she was asked to get in touch from the dark canvas bag or tight sealed envelope with colored cards and determine their colors. But if it was about the envelope, Kuleshov named color only three cards from the top, and the rest saw her vaguely.

it Turned out that rose is able to read not only by hands but also by touching the text of elbows and feet – really, only naked. Thus, in one experiment she had to read aloud the title of the journal, which was lying under the table. The woman approached the table, touched the magazine bare leg and read: “Young designer”. But instantly corrected himself: “No, “modelist-Konstruktor”!” The experimenters decided that it just was unusual for the word “Modeler”.

Around the name of the Rose Kuleshova and SEGone, a lot of rumors and legends. Some argue that she was a Scam artist and have mystified people, peeping through the blindfold (even if it would be easy to expose). Others that she did not read leather, and had a strong psychic gift. By the way, no financial dividends for your gift the woman had received, lived on a tiny salary the dishwasher.

unfortunately, Rosa Kuleshova did not live even up to 40 years. She died in 1978 from a tumor in the brain that caused the haemorrhage. After her death, many researchers suggested that the ability Kuleshova was the result of brain disorders that were apparently observed this woman from childhood (think of seizures). Anyway, “effect of Rosa Kuleshova” remained an Enigma.

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