George Hodel: could the son of Russian parents to be American zodiac

Crime 27/12/19 George Hodel: could the son of Russian parents to be American zodiac

Despite the fact that a famous Hollywood doctor George Hodel repeatedly came into the view of police, he never was in prison. However, there is a theory that he was the most elusive serial killer nicknamed the zodiac. It is noteworthy that this first assumption is expressed by the son Kodela, at one time served as a detective.

a Talented doctor and a permanent suspect

George Hodel was born in 1907 in Los Angeles. However, as indicated in the “Shocking and Sensational: The Stories Behind Famous True Crime and Scandal Books” (Julian Upton), his parents were Russian immigrants. Hodel wife were wealthy people, so George got a good education. Especially in childhood he was considered a real Prodigy: his IQ was equal to 186 points. After graduating from the University of California, Hodel received the degree of doctor of medicine. He later bought a house in Hollywood and acquired in the environment of the rich famous and talented doctor.

Despite the public recognition, in 1945, George Hodel was one of the first who came under suspicion in the murder of Ruth Spalding, the cause of death which was drugs overdose. This fact is mentioned and the authors of “Crimes of the Centuries” (Steven Chermak Ph.D., Frankie Y. Bailey Ph. D.). However, it does so not over, and Hodel went to China, while the passion of Spalding has not subsided. Again a Hollywood doctor was in the list of suspects in 1947, when it was found the corpse of Elizabeth short, aka Black Dahlia. Moreover, two years later Hodel was accused of molesting his own daughter Tamar. But sufficient evidence against him again, not found – the murder of the Shorts remained unsolved, and declared Tamar a liar.

the investigation into the murder of Black Dahlia

In 1999, George Hodel died. After the death of the doctor his son Steve who served his time in the police, and subsequently opened his own detective Agency, decided to return to father’s good name and prove his innocence to the mentioned crimes. But instead Hodel Jr. found a lot of evidence that Hollywood doctor really had the most direct relation to the death of the Black Dahlia. According to the book “The Black Dahlia: Shattered Dreams” (Brenda Haugen), it all started with the fact that Steve, considering the photo album of his father, came across a photo of Elizabeth short.

Later, Steve learned that shortly before the death of the Shorts his father had purchased several bags of cement. One of these bags found near the body of the Black Dahlia. In addition, the corpse of the girl, according to experts, was dismembered by a person with medical education, which, as you know, had George Hodel. Scope of the investigation increased, and in the end Steve came to the conclusion that George Hodel killed not only Elizabeth short, but also with many others. If you believe “The Mystery of The Zodiac Killer” (J. D. Rockefeller), the handwriting of George Hodel turned out to be remarkably similar to the handwriting of a serial killer the Zodiac.

George Hodel the zodiac?

As he wrote himself Steve Hodel in his book “Black Dahlia Avenger”, the document examiner Hannah Mcfarland expressed the view that the writing of George Hotelom many of the letters resembled the style of the Zodiac, which he used to make fun by sending emails. However, the California Department of justice ordered its own examination, and specialists who conducted said in order to give an accurate answer, they need samples of the lower case handwriting of George Hodel. But such samples have not been allocated to them. Meanwhile, Steve Hodel continued to conduct its investigation.

In September, 2015 was published new book Steve Hodel “Most Evil II”. There was some additional evidence that his father was the notorious zodiac. According to Hodel Jr., George, quite possibly, was the author of the encrypted letter, dated 1970. The cipher was cracked by teacher Yves Personam, which found that George Hodel using an ancient Celtic alphabet, pointed to the card in the space for your return address, their real name is HODEL. No wonder the message of zodiac said, “You want to know my name. I’ll give it to you.”

However, the police are quite skeptical of the results of the Steve Hotelom investigation. The final point in this story could supply the DNA. However, at the moment DNA George Hodel simply nothing to compare.

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