Roshal spoke about the danger of the flu

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

the head of the National medical chamber Leonid Roshal in an interview with the news Agency “national news service” told about the dangers of influenza.

According to him, Russia are taking measures to prevent the spread of a new type of pneumonia, is absolutely justified.

Roshal noted that the danger of Chinese coronavirus to belittle in any case impossible, but the doctor urged not to forget about the danger of influenza on the background of General panic.

“For me, today, the flu is more dangerous than the coronavirus,” said the Director of the National medical chamber.

He recalled that influenza pandemics occur in the country every 5-6 years, accompanied by the deaths of thousands of people. In this regard, Roshal urged Russians not to forget about protection measures.

In particular, the expert noted that currently the country has enough medicines for prevention and treatment of this disease. Besides, Roshal has recommended not to forget to practice good personal hygiene.

Earlier it was reported that the incidence of influenza and SARS in the capital rose over the week is 14.3%. The number of cases in the country were recorded at the level below the epidemic threshold of 6%.

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