Rosobrnadzor recalled the deadline for participation in GIA

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Reception of applications for participation in the State final examination (GIA) in 2024 for graduates of the ninth classes will end on March 1. About it reported a press-service of Rosobrnadzor.

the Ministry recalled that in order to participate in the GIA graduate must write a letter to your school in which you specify the items for delivery. To obtain the certificate a student needs to take two basic General subjects (Russian and mathematics) and two optional subject.

Experts noted that the student as an additional subject may choose literature, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social studies, computer science and ICT, foreign languages.

admission to the EXAMINATION is successful completion of the final interview in Russian language on 12 February. Extra days for delivery identified at the March 11 and may 18. This year, the early stage of the exam starts from April 21 to may 16. The main stage will be held from 22 may to 30 June.

Earlier it was reported that ninth-graders can apply for the interview in Russian language on The service is available in the section “Education”.

you will need to specify the desired record type (record to participate in the final interview in the Russian language) and fill out the form. Consideration of the application takes no more than 14 calendar days. The service is offered to only users who provide a number SNILS in a private office. you can also sign up for GUIA 11 (EGE, GUA-11), SFE-9 (OGE, GUA-9), find out the results of the exams and of the municipal stage of all-Russian Olympiad. There, students can appeal on disagreement with the exposed points for the exam.

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