Russia extended the 90-day visas for foreigners

Foreign nationals who stayed in Russia on the basis of visas, extend the validity period of 90 days regardless of the purpose of stay in the country in connection with the situation with coronavirus. This was informed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

As specified, if the period of validity of the visas expired, the period of temporary stay will be extended with the subsequent issuance of transit visas to leave Russia.

Earlier, the interior Ministry said that the visa will be extended due to the spread of the coronavirus, however, was not specified renewal terms. In particular, the Agency claimed that as of March 19, aliens may extend the period of temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. For this they need to come to the nearest to the place of their actual location of territorial body of the Ministry of internal Affairs and write the application in any form.

however, the citizens who came to Russia in a manner that does not require a visa, prolonged the term of stay in Russia, if he even has expired.