Russia suspends flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Russia will suspend international flights for the removal of the Russians in the country from April 4. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus.

“In order to maximize the protection of the health of our citizens and the limitations of the new wave of imported cases of the disease coronavirus infection in the territory of the Russian Federation from 00:00 on 4 April 2022 will be temporarily suspended international flights for export of the Russian citizens to the Motherland”, – stated in the message.

the staff said that the removal of the Russians on the territory of the Russian Federation will be created a special schedule. Those who remained abroad, will provide the necessary social assistance. The support of the citizens the government has allocated the Ministry of foreign Affairs in 500 million rubles.

assistance from the state will propose to the Russians that provided the information to the Russian Embassy.

Russia since March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights to other countries due to the spread of coronavirus infection. The number of allowed flights entered to the export routes for Russian citizens from abroad, as well as speciality with postal, sanitary, humanitarian and a number of other goods.

Subsequently, on March 31, the government is limited to 500 people the number of Russians who can enter the country per day. This limitation of Moscow and in the regions set a lower bar for 200 people.

the day in Russia 601 confirmed a new case coronavirus infection. COVID-19 registered in 32 regions. All in all, 78 regions of the country today revealed 4149 infections. During the day, recovered 46 people. Total hospital discharged 281 people.

RF will limit the number returning from abroad Russians

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