Russia vs China: who has the strongest army

Another 26/02/20 Russia vs China: who has the strongest army

In Soviet times, the stories of popular jokes was based on the fact that in case of an attack by the Chinese quickly “paint over a map of Siberia in a yellow color.” How are these fears justified? If the army is China a real threat to Russia? To answer these questions helps the Business Insider, which named the 25 most powerful armies in the world.

Comparison of

In ranking of Business Insider, which takes into account a variety of weapons and mobilization capabilities, China is in third place, and Russia – on the second (after the United States).

Nuclear stockpiles in calculation were not accepted, although the power that can launch a nuclear strike, has received from the compilers of bonus points. Attention was paid to the availability of natural resources and industrial potential of the States.
the Armed forces of China, according to the rating, there are 2 million 693 thousand soldiers and officers. The BBC consists of 3035 units, of which 1125 fighters. In service with the Chinese Navy – 714 units, including 1 aircraft carrier. China is able to push to the limits 7716 battle tanks. The military budget of China – 151 billion.

In the Russian army, there are 3 million 586 thousand people, while the defense budget is 3 times less – $ 47 billion. Russia has 3914 aircraft, 818 of which belong to the class of fighters. On the ground Russian have 20 thousand 300 tanks. But naval forces are modest – 352 vehicle. The only aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, built in 1987 – in the fall of 2017 is repaired.

Expert opinion

Most experts agree that the Chinese army has not yet caught up with the Russian power.
on the one hand, the people’s liberation army of China huge mobilization of reserves – in a country with over a billion people “under the gun” may be set to 750 million man. By the way, the Athonite Orthodox elder paisios of the Holy mountain interpret “the darkness 2” the troops referred to in Chapter 9 of the biblical “Apocalypse” as the 200-million-strong army of China, which during a future global conflict will reach the Euphrates.

on the other hand, Russia retains the advantage in military technology, which is approved by Chinese experts. They believe that China will buy weapons from Russia in order to “achieve parity” with the United States. Only from 1991 to 2015, according to the Stockholm Institute for peace studies, the amount of deals in the military sphere between Russia and China amounted to $ 32 billion. In 2018, China remained the second largest partner of the Russian military-industrial complex. For example, the celestial Empire has signed contracts for the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 “Triumph” Russian state concern aerospace defense “Almaz-Antey”. The complexes were tested by the Chinese military in December 2018.
1990-ies the Chinese copy samples of Russian weapons, making them counterparts in their factories. However, for example, to create its own fifth generation fighter, the Chinese defense industry lacks technological developments.
According to the Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov, despite the large number of PLA, Russian army is superior to her in terms of combat capability and motivation.
Completes the picture entirely comparable nuclear capabilities of the two countries. If Russia has 7 thousand nuclear warheads, then China is only 270.

“the Nuclear imbalance is huge. The Russian advantage is still clear. China has greatly shortened the distance but could not catch up with Russia in military power, including the technology” — concludes the Polish researcher Michal Lubin, which in 2015 has given an interview with Onet.
the Danger of direct war between China and Russia, as experts believe, is currently small. The main foreign policy activity “aziatskojabout the dragon” focuses on Eastern and South-Eastern direction, where, in particular, there is the unresolved Taiwan issue. Russia and China are members of the Shanghai cooperation organization, which, though is not a purely military blocs, but will include cooperation in the defense sector and conducting joint exercises.

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