Nature 08/12/19 “Vilyui boilers”: the mystery of the most terrible places of Yakutia

the Territory, which stretches along the right tributary of the river Vilyui, the Yakuts call the “valley of Death”. According to legend, in this place are huge cauldrons, half buried in the ground. Under the original “hemispheres” once spent the night hunters, or lost travelers. However, after many of them fell ill or died, the elders forbade all walking in the “valley”.

the First evidence of Maak

The first authoritative mention of the mysterious valuyskih “boilers” can be considered the study of the famous geographer Richard maack. Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, the author of the book “100 great Russian travellers”, says that in 1853 Maak went on an expedition on the river Vilyui, which flows through the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region and Yakutia. The main objectives of Richard Karlovich was the study of geography, climate and history of this region of Siberia. In connection with the last point, the scientist had to listen to many legends concerning the so-called “valley of Death”. In the “valley”, according to local residents, was located buried in the ground “boilers” of unknown purpose, from 6 to 10 meters in diameter.

Believed Maak Yakut myths or not, but there is evidence that the geographer was able to see the “boilers” with their own eyes. The excerpt by Richard Karlovich lead authors of the publication “100 famous mystical phenomena”. “River really is a giant pot of copper. Its value is unknown, because the ground is only visible edge”. However, imagine the size of the “pot” is the Maak pointed out that in a kind of “arch” grew a few trees. It is noteworthy that the river, which was mentioned in his notes Richard Maack, called Algy timerinit, which means “big pot drowned”.

Sickness and death

Researcher Yakutia Nikita Arkhipov argued that the legend of the “valley of Death” Welusive attention though, because the names of many places in the district of the river Vilyui, which, of course, was not invented yesterday, are somehow connected with the “coppers.” So, if you believe the author of the publication “History of Eurasia”, in the Vilyuy river basin is the river Olguydah. With the local language “algui” translates as “pot” and “Dah” is a mountain in Celtic. Thus, we can conclude that the nomadic Evenki discovered a mysterious “pots” for a long time. Hunters and herders used these codes to hide and sleep. However, once it became known that after a stay in the “pot” people get sick and even die, the elders forbade all walking in the “valley of Death”.

Since then, the territory stretching along the river Algy, many began to avoid. But new testimony about “boilers” had not dried up. For example, Mikhail Gershtein in the “Encyclopedia of UFOs” mentioned geologist, who in 1936 came across the speakers from the land of “the hemisphere”. Edge of its walls with a thickness of about 2 centimeters was so acute that it “cut a fingernail”. And in the archives of the national library of the Republic of Yakutia is still preserved a letter of a certain Mikhail Koretsky from Vladivostok, who visited the “valley of Death” more than once and even spent the night with friends in one of the “boilers”. After 3 months one of them lost all her hair, but his Koretsky on the left side of the head formed ulcers, which he had vainly treated till the end of life.

strange phenomena

Despite the fact that Koretsky visited, in his own words, in “Death valley” in the 1930-ies, there are more recent evidence of eyewitnesses who happened to see the mysterious objects with my own eyes. So, if you believe Arcadia Watkino, author of the book “places of power: Russia plus Crimea” in 1971, scientists have recorded the words of the Evenk, who claimed that “metallic holes” in the ice are “lean and black-eyed men in metallic clothing.” Apparently, through these stories one of the most common versions of the origin of the “boiler” is extraterrestrial.

And if you pay attention to the letter from Michael Koretsky, then, as rightly noticed by the authors of the publication “100 famous mysteries of nature”, V. Score, Iovleva T. and O. Ochkurova, according to modern views, the impact of the “boiler” on the human body is more like radioactive radiation. By the way, Koretsky wrote about the giant burdock growing around “hemispheres”. But where in Yakutia such a powerful radiation and the “pot” still remains unclear. While the expedition to the river was the usual journalistic trips that resulted in “boilers” was not found. However, Mikhail Gershtein does not exclude that these data can be classified.

Yulia Popova

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