Russian cheesemaking pleasing to Western sanctions:

as a result of international disputes Russia began to invest heavily in their own agriculture.

When the European markets to Russia were closed in the country has skyrocketed the demand for cheese.

International sanctions came in response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and following the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Among those whom this situation has brought benefit — the Russian manufacturer of cheese Oleg Orphan. “We can’t make enough cheese. Demand is consistently high,” he says.

Millions in subsidies from the state

Oleg Orphan for many years wanted to open a dairy production. Five years ago he really helped the Russian government.

“the State has allocated for this dairy farm more than 25 million rubles, which we do not need to return. We gave them just. For the construction of barns we have received more than 12 million rubles, and we, too, must return,” he says.

His story is not unique, many small producers of dairy products has received significant benefits. Thus, the government tried to generate interest in the field, does not promise big profits.

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“the Development of the dairy industry is very highto the agenda of the Russian government. This sector put a lot of money,” explains Esben Juul Bergmann of Set (Juul Esben Bergmann Schjødt), consultant of the Embassy of Denmark in Moscow.

to erect a monument to Western leaders

Today on the farm of Oleg Orphans are working round the clock 20 employees. He said that the Russian dairy sector is very much developed:

“If five to ten years ago, someone said that cheese is delicious, all would have thought it was a joke. But in recent years we have started this cheese Renaissance: all around trying to create cheese.”

Oleg Orphan got a red Danish dairy cows and received for their cheeses than one international award. According to him, the success he owes to European leaders who have imposed sanctions against his country.

“I love them all! If they continue in the same spirit ten years put up a monument to Obama, Merkel and Hollande,” he laughs.

more to do

Probably, it will take several years before the Russian milk production will be able to fully meet demand, says Esben Juul Bergmann of Set.

“In the next three to five years more will happen. But is that enough will so that the country became self-sufficient? The big question. Still, in this field lags far behind,” he says.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin to 2024 Russia will export food products worth more than 2.1 trillion rubles. This is almost twice the volume of its product export in 2019.

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