MTV (Finland): the Russian project of high-speed railway is interested in Finland

Finland is interested in Russian construction project of high-speed railway, the purpose of which is to accelerate transport between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

the Minister of development and foreign trade Skinari Villa (Ville Skinnari) recently raised this issue during his visit to Moscow.

Skinnari informed Russian source of RBC that Finland is interested in extending a new rail line to Helsinki.

Russia intends to build a new railway line between two major cities, because the way high-speed train “Sapsan” is overloaded with other vehicles. New high-speed rail line needs to be opened in 2026.

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According to the newspaper the Moscow times (the Moscow Times) at a high-speed railway will be possible to get from Moscow to Helsinki in six hours. Train “Tolstoy” comes from Moscow to Helsinki 16 hours.

Director of public relations of the Finnish Railways (VR) Tuominen Tatu (Tatu Tuominen) said that in recent times the Finnish Railways and Russian Railways discussed the project of high-speed railway in November 2019. While the project is at an early stage of consideration.

“we Have agreed to consider this project. This is a very interesting project, and we treat it very positively,” said Tuominen Finnish news Agayntstvo “es-te-Te” (STT).

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