Russians older than 40 years will annually take the day off of work for annual checkups

Image: Portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin reported that citizens over the age of 40 will allow the release to take on the job for one day for annual checkups once a year, reports “Interfax”.

He noted that this day will be paid by the employer. In addition, employees of retirement and preretirement age will allow you to take two days off per year to undergo medical examination.

“One of the issues is the consideration of amendments to the Labour code relating to the examination. They will allow workers older than 40 years to take leave from work for one day to check on their health,” – said Mishustin.

currently, under current law, such off the Russians can take only once in three years.

Informed the Commission of the government of Russia on legislative activities rejected the initiative on the fixing of the day for December 31. The Cabinet said that such a transfer possible and so by applicable law.

Also in Russia, soon will operate new order of calculation of teachers ‘ salaries. According to the plan, 70% of the Fund of remuneration of teachers will go to salaries for one bet, while 30% will be allocated to various allowances.

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