Russians warned against the use of cash during a pandemic

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

In Roskoshestvo urged Russians to refuse cash payments during a pandemic coronavirus infection. Citizens are encouraged to use only Bank cards, transfers “the”.

it is Noted that bills can be carriers of the infection.

“the Virus may be transmitted via paper money and stay there for a long time”, – said experts of the Department.

in order to protect themselves while shopping, it is recommended to pay for cards, phones with NFC or a smart watch. Moreover, all these tools must be disinfected after contact with the terminal.

In case, if you refuse to cash it is impossible, it is important to remember the rules of hygiene and refrain from touching hands to face after the payment is made. At the first opportunity, you need to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water.

Previously, passengers of the Moscow metro was advised to pay travel remotely. In particular, this can be done through the app. Cashless payment is available via phone, Bank card. To do this, to smartphones supported PayPass and PayWave, and the cards had a contactless payment option.

Muscovites refuse cash for coronavirus

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