Russia's Ambassador to Turkey had received new threats from Syria

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Fadeichev

Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Alexei erchov told the TV channel “Star” on the new threats that come at him on social networks from the situation in Syria.

the Ambassador stressed that the information field around the theme of security of Russian diplomatic missions abroad in recent years, “significantly cleaned up”.

At the same time erchov pointed out that such statements cannot be ignored, as they relate not only to diplomats, but Russia and all that it represents.

He added that “in these matters you need to take extreme caution and extreme delicacy, it is impossible to provoke anger and hatred, to stir up hatred between peoples.”

the Press attache of the Embassy, Irina Kasimova reported earlier that the Turkish authorities have taken additional measures for the protection of the Russian Embassy in Ankara.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has expressed confidence in the security of Russian citizens, who are currently working in Turkey.

Before erkhov stated that the reason for the threats was the exacerbation of the Syrian Idlib. He reminded about the history of five years ago, when he was killed Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Charles was shot dead on 19 December 2016 at the opening of the photo exhibition “Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka through the eyes of a traveler” in Ankara. The murderer was a police officer killed him on the spot.

February 10, it became known that Damascus had carried out the shelling of a Turkish observation object in Idlib. The attack killed five people.

of the Turkish armed forces struck a blow for 115 Syrian targets. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the military of the Russian Federation and Syria, the strikes in Idlib on civilians.

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