Sabitova compared avoiding married women with violators of the quarantine

Sabitova decided to speak out after he read in the social media post with “very bad information”.

the author urged not to rush to start a family, if there is no suitable partner. In addition, loneliness in old age are not insured, and married women with children. The text also cited the story of 35-year-old woman, who is not seeking to tie the knot and feels quite happy.

According to the matchmaker, the reluctance to marry is similar to the position of people who are walking on the street during a quarantine and “I believe that it is not dangerous for their lives.” Sabitova is sure that the main happiness for a woman is to be a mother. Matchmaker has urged his podeschi not to deprive yourself of happiness to be a beloved woman and wife.

Recall that recently Sabitova told why she is still not married. According to the leader, she will never be able to meet a “real man” because he won’t let her earn money, you have to achieve something in life on their own.