The chief looks at them constantly over the shoulder, the Home Office is of course not an issue in the company, because the supervisor can then allow the controlling, you know, hang out. The boss is satisfied and believes that he has everything under control. Stupid only, that the employee is looking for his control terrible find. Not at all satisfied.

Incompetent managers, little room for development, low wages: There are many factors affecting the employee motivation and satisfaction press. But how does one measure that, exactly?

Test in Sweden, Only 6 hours of the day work: the failure of the Experiment? By Katharina Grimm

in fact, the satisfaction in the field of tension between what one wants from work, and what you found actually is. Some factors (called hygiene factors) are provided as a matter of course – but it can de-motivate employees demo. The working conditions, the management of employees and the company policy. Security and salary are on the list. These points are less for the job satisfaction – but something goes wrong with them, they contribute to dissatisfaction. A unsafe job, badly paid, with poor leaders, in terrible offices – it does things to you. On the other hand, employees also experience a high feeling, just because you have a great Desk. Or know that your workplace is safe. How ungrateful, like, heads think. But in order to be satisfied with the work, are other important points.

Tui introduces new salary rules, employees Are happy, there’s more money for the boss What employees motivated

There are factors that increase the Motivation of employees. These include recognition, opportunities for advancement, self-directed Work, responsibility, and success count. In theory, these factors can compensate for the hygienic factors. However, not permanently. Who asks a long time after a salary increase, and only the nice working environment gets under the nose is rubbed, will be hardly happy.

6-hour Experiment in Sweden, How long do we want to actually work? By Katharina Grimm

The Problem: dissatisfaction is rare with a Bang, but is a gradual process. Only the honest praise is missing, then the Chef changed and more content is in there too. Supervisors should be alert to the absences increase, the complaints are piling up, the results of the work to subside. It does not have to be always the same terminations. Employees who need the Job urgently or advanced age, do not quit in haste. However, more work is involved also, but make good work-to-rule. And are sick more often. For the success of the company, such employees are a disaster.

employee satisfaction are The Germany’s best employer and the number 1 is quite unknown to

what is Clear is that employees who are satisfied, also identify yourself with your work and the employer – and both sides benefit. Because it is through this loyalty, employees would remain even more for your employer, even if they were to receive a lucrative offer from another company, according to a study of the career network LinkedIn. Unmotivated, disgruntled employees, however, are also financially burdensome: As the Gallup Engagement Index, cost of these employees, the German economy a lot of money. Every year, about 105 billion euros of profit escapes the registry by you.



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