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The story of Saltychikha 02/03/20: what mental illness had “bloody landowner”

One of the most murderous women in the Russian and world history is the landowner Daria Saltykova, which for the brutal murder of serfs nicknamed Saltychikha. According to one, she personally sent to the light a few dozen people, others more than 100. Motivation of atrocities against the innocent?

Bloody landlady

Saltykov was born in 1730, lived in a town house on the corner of Kuznetsky most and Bolshaya Lubyanka in Moscow. Soon married, her lover was the captain Gleb Saltykov. But family happiness was short-lived: at the age of 26 years old lady became a widow.
to Mock their serfs Saltykov beginning approximately six months after the death of a spouse. Guilty every detail of the peasants she was beaten with logs, could pour boiling water accidents, to set fire to their hair. They were left bound naked in the cold, was tortured with hot tongs for Curling hair.
the crimson of the landowner was a private torture dungeons. Particularly cruel was Saltychikha with the girls, who were going to get married. She tortured them slowly but with great sophistication, enjoying the pain and suffering of the victims.
Acts Saltykova became known to the Empress Catherine II 17662 year. The investigation was led by officer Stepan Volkov, who raised houses books, carefully studied them and suggested that Saltykov could have killed 138 serfs. According to official records, 50 people allegedly died of disease, 16 – “left my husband” or “run”, and opposite the names of 72 of the remaining serfs was not less suspicious of the wording “missing”.
the Trial lasted three years, eventually was able to prove the killing of 38 villagers. For this, the Empress sent a bloody mistress to a life sentence in prison, where she spent 33 years and diedand in 1801.

Epileptic psychopath

Many researchers are confident Saltykov was sick epileptic psychopathy. In any case, all the signs of the disease in the bloody lady was there. German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard and his Soviet counterpart, Andrey Lichko noted among the symptoms of the disease unmotivated outbursts of aggression, leading to the most sophisticated and violent crime up to murder, and attacks on people epileptoid do in a state of extreme agitation and irritation.
Patients with this type of psychopathy are often unreasonably gloomy mood, which only intensifies over time. Reaching to extreme forms of sadism and jealousy are also the signs epileptoid, noted the scientists. Saltykov is the best suited for their description. Contemporaries spoke of her as a gloomy woman who almost always was in a serious mood, and her sadistic tendencies were discussed in detail during the investigation.

without feeling guilty.

Russian psychiatrist Pyotr Gannushkin, explaining the nature of the disease, which probably suffered Saltychikha, noted his innate properties. Psychopathy is formed initially, from time to time “dormant,” and required only the trigger to the disease broke out. Probably, this could be the death of her beloved husband. Suffering from epileptic psychopathy, noted Gannushkin, does not feel shame and remorse, these feelings are supposedly locked away deep in his mind.
it is Noteworthy that Saltykov during interrogations behaved arrogantly and defiantly stressed, there was not a drop of sympathy for their victims, shame and remorse for their actions. The behavior of the bloody lady are unable to affect even the entreaties of the priests. And when he was in prison, she swore the choicest swearing and spitting at those who passed her little window.

With a Bible and a stone

all the more Colorful character epileptoidov described by German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin, the author of the fundamental work “Introduction to psychiatric clinic”. “C a Bible in his hand and a stone in his bosom,” he said about such people. They claimed Kraepelin, wonderfully combined the veneer of propriety and vicious violence, despotism and hypocritical courtesy.
indeed, Saltykov was leading a double life. Contemporaries noted that she was a secular, but a very pious man, and regularly made pilgrimages to the Holy places, gave substantial donations to churches and monasteries. And this at a time when in her dungeons languished innocent serfs.

Latent gay?

Most tortured Saltychikha peasants – young and attractive girls. According to one version, to mock them – a consequence of latent homosexuality of the bloody ladies. Their lesbian tendencies she tried to suppress through beatings sexually attractive objects.
their “features” Saltykov was getting some discomfort, same-sex attraction was considered a disease, and arose in anger and irritation is centered on the female, who could not resist. On similar cases, wrote the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.
In turn, the founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung said that such deviation is innate. This means that Saltykov could inherit it with the genes of parents still in the womb.
However, modern scholars are more inclined to put on acquired latent lesbianism. In his studies of American biologist and sexologist Alfred Kinsey claimed that their own homosexuality is recognized a female approximately 20-25 years. Saltykov, however, recall was widowed at the age of 26.

Ivan Proshkin

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