Saudi Arabia has rejected accusations of undermining the market of shale oil

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Saudi Arabia has recognized the Vladimir Putin’s announcement about its desire to undermine the shale oil untrue, according to “”.

Earlier, Putin said that Riyadh is trying to get rid of competitors, which spetsializiruyutsya on shale oil production. He stressed that for this you need to reduce the prices, “black gold” below $ 40 per barrel.

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia stressed that the production of shale oil is an important source of energy. The goals of Riyadh are to reduce oil production and balance in the energy market, said the Agency.

as of April 3, the price of Brent crude exceeded $ 34 per barrel. Futures
WTI crude oil settled on the figure 27.17 dollar.

Earlier, Putin commented on the upcoming meeting of OPEC in the format+. He noted that Russia is ready to cut oil production, but this process needs to be “partnership”.

Fluctuations in the energy market began after the breakdown of negotiations between the country-participants of the OPEC format+. The parties were unable to agree on the limits of reducing production of “black gold”.

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