Simple, functional and balanced, the Scandinavian design never goes out of style.

Do not miss to visit this site, that helps in turning our homes into true sanctuaries where recharging batteries after a busy day is even more important during the winter when the weather forces us to seek refuge in the warmth of our homes.

Let us discover how to create cozy spaces for this winter, with 5 trends in the purest Scandinavian style:

  1. Simplify:

The Scandinavian design is based on the functionality of all its elements. Get rid of the unnecessary. Just once and for all with shelves full of useless objects, select those elements that mean something to you and say goodbye to everything that does not give you anything.

In addition to being a good practice to start the lighter year, it will help you create space for what matters: play with your children, enjoy your lonely moments, or spend an unrepeatable afternoon with your partner or friends.

  1. Embrace the natural:

You don’t have to be an expert gardener, a simple glass or ceramic vase with fresh flowers will bring positive energy to the room as well as a pleasant fragrance.

Another natural element ideal for these dates is pineapples and nuts, which presented in a plate or basket, provide a rustic and cozy touch, to lounges and dining rooms.

The most daring you can incorporate decorative elements with prints and floral designs such as this wallpaper or our carpet with tropical vibrations. Avoid overloading and don’t be afraid to alternate textures and patterns.

  1. Give a hint of color:

When describing the color range preferred by Scandinavian designers, we speak almost exclusively of white or beige walls, and gray tones often interspersed with black and wooden elements that add color to the palette.

The correct combination of these colors, mostly neutral, provides luminosity and transmits calm and serenity.

  1. Add layers and more layers:

The Scandinavian design is full of organic materials such as wool, leather, and cotton, covering floors, sofas, chairs, and walls. Any surface improves with them.

Far from giving it an outdated look, these materials give personality to rooms that would otherwise be too sober and cold. Carpets such as beige Berber and another Moroccan style from our latest collection are the perfect complement to achieve an ideal finish, riding between the classic Scandinavian style and a vibrant vintage style.

  1. Use of lights:

Light has a very important role in Scandinavian interior design.

Along with metal lamps and bulbs absent from ornament, they hang from ceilings and walls. Accessories such as mirrors help create a sense of spaciousness and maximize the light in the different rooms.


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