He was a Bavarian force of nature, never shy of a sharp word, an acetic acid analysis, a small polemic against everything that was left, or even liberal: Wilfried Scharnagl. The hulking figure lifted him out of the crowd, a Baroque character, and they revealed the origin of the soil constant environment, where the free state is in the Bavarian. Wilfried Scharnagl was a connoisseur of the Munich political stage, and not infrequently, he let the puppets dance, mostly without insurance at the time of his difficult, contradictory-in-chief, the Minister-President of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauss.

Without him, would not be Scharnagl been he himself. You have to see both together, in their excessive energy, in the detail of knowledge was, in Lust, in Bonn a strong word to say in the matter. The other claimed to have the club for clear pronunciation. But Scharnagls thought the horizon was blue and white, the Medium in the “Bavarian courier”, whose chief editor he was, and sometimes also in Bonn, with interest studied.

Strauss took his Scharnagl, although more in the role of Zuflüsterers and sharp maker as in that of the Advisor, and friend. Bouquet of thought, however, and wanted more: not only for Bayern “Laptop and Lederhosen”, Tradition and technology, but also a Europe capable of action and even nuclear weapons in the Alliance with France, for the never only the hypothetical case that America is no trusting.

Scharnagl shared the rise and fall of Franz Josef Strauss, including the re-ascent was in the first Grand coalition. With Strauss, he had a lot in common, including the co-authorship for his memoirs. Unmissable and unmistakably, the analytical mind, the Lust for battle of words, the ability for escalation, the Best, the files, note the subtle Humor. Who wanted to be in the CSU a little, did well to provide a high quality, Scharnagl, or Latin sentences for the Prime Minister willing to share.

Wilfried Scharnagl was, as it is called in policy circles, such a late-feudal relations, over decades, of the sleeve clamp, and a companion of the Franz Josef Strauss, after his early death, 30 years ago, even persistent opponent statesmanlike Format certificate. Some called the deceased Prime Minister of the last king of Bavaria. Scharnagl was happy to know in the state Chancellery, a friend and protector, and to boast of as a counter-gift whose political chess moves and to explain to the Bavarian electorate.

Last Scharnagl has made once more on the attention with a book, half-jokingly, as a polemical exercise of Thought, and half in earnest a Thesis represented, which is otherwise heard in the Bavarian circles until a later hour: “Bavaria can also do it alone: a plea for the state of their own.” The Scharnagl: Bavaria patriot was original, high-flying and more than a little unreal, but full of spirit and well-read.


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