Scientists have named the new method of Contracting coronavirus

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the Scientists said that in some cases, the symptoms of coronavirus can be an intestinal disorder and diarrhea, and the virus is transmitted through feces. This is stated in the study, which is published in the journal of the American Medical Association.

Experts say that the virus 2019-nCov is transmitted by airborne droplets and through contact with contaminated surfaces. Until now, attention has been focused on symptoms associated with manifestations of respiratory diseases. However, experts after clinical analysis found that the virus can cause and intestinal disorder.

According to the Wuhan hospital for a day or two before the development of fever and difficulty breathing in 10% of patients experienced nausea and diarrhea. In addition, the first patient with a coronavirus in the United States was also a disruption in the gastrointestinal tract, and the virus was detected in the faeces.

“the Spread of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV through the feces may create new problems to curb its spread, particularly in hospitals,” the authors of the study.

However, the scientists emphasize that the main mode of transmission remains the contact to dirty surfaces and then touching face with your hands.

the Specialists of Rospotrebnadzor has previously told how to protect themselves from infection. The first thing to wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

Also, experts advise not to touch your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands. In airports and public transport need to avoid touching surfaces and objects and does not touch the face. When you cough or sneeze you should always cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue. Experts emphasize that the virus is particularly dangerous for children and senior citizens. At the first symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor.

According to the morning of February 10, 2019 coronavirus-nCoV from China has infected more than 40 thousand people, mostly in China. Moreover, the number of deaths from a new form of pneumonia has almost reached thousand people.

the First reports of an outbreak of a new type of pneumonia began to come from the Chinese Wuhan at the end of last year.

in Order to prevent the spread of the virus in Russia, the government decided to close certain sections of the border with China in the far East, to restrict the crossing of the border with Mongolia, to cancel work visas for Chinese citizens to be evacuated from Hubei province located there, and the Russians, to suspend the regular flights of all Russian airlines in China, except for flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The Railways, in turn, suspended railway communication with China.

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