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Unwanted pregnancies medically, there is no market to Doctors and physicians would fight. However, this impression may arise, since section 219a of the criminal code is discussed. Often referred to as a ban on advertising for abortion – an ambiguous expression. Because the Clause not only prohibits advertising, but already under penalty if Physicians publicly about abortion to inform, and this happens to be your “Asset”. And this is true also for doctors fees incurred for treatments and interventions. For this reason, the Physician Kristina Hänel was sentenced this year to a fine of 6,000 euros. You stated on your Website that it performs abortions, and, on request, information about the procedure would send.

For years, there is, therefore, dispute the paragraph, many critics would see it abolished. Opponents of abortion hold on to him. Now the CDU and the SPD have agreed to add to section 219a of the criminal code, but not to abolish. In the future, at least, the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) and the Federal government, physicians should inform chamber independently about what is the meaning of abortion, what opportunities and risks there are and who pays for the intervention.

Every woman who is considering abortion, should always and unconditionally have access to high-quality information. TIME ONLINE answers, therefore, as to the judgment against Kristina Hänel* – the most important medical issues around abortion.

All of the questions in the Overview: What methods are there to terminate a pregnancy? Is abortion, or the morning-after pill is not a Form of pregnancy? Which method should be used? How are the operational procedures? How do the medical procedures? Abortion has mental problems? Up to which week of pregnancy an abortion is allowed? To whom exactly are Pregnant, do not want to keep your child? And who pays for the intervention? View more What other methods are there to terminate a pregnancy?

Either there is a surgery or it be given medication. During an intervention medicine to suck the inside or the Doctors the embryonic tissue in the uterus or from scraping it. The patient receives medication, these specifically in the hormonal balance of the woman. The uterus is brought to the Embryo and to sell, together with the top layer of the uterine mucous membrane, in which it nests. Nearly 80 percent of the roughly 100,000 abortions in the year 2017 were Suction and Scraping, 20 percent were carried out with medication.

abortion law in Germany

Until the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy, women in Germany to remain free, according to clause 218 of the criminal code criminal, if you have a termination of pregnancy under certain conditions.

advice beforehand is mandatory. After the end of the twelfth week, there must be special reasons for the crash: about a foreseeable undue burden on the mother-to-be by, for example, a disability of the Unborn child, danger of life for Pregnant women or a pregnancy after a sex crime.

An Overview of the Advisory bodies: Pro Familia, Diakonisches Werk, German Red cross, donum vitae. Some of them are influenced by the Church. Also, women doctors offer the obligatory advice. The doctor performing the procedure, must not have previously performed the consultation. Between the conversation and the procedure, a three-day cooling-off period.


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