A short los push off with the left foot, a little pressure with the right thumb on the small green lever on the Handlebar, and the Flash whizzes. Quickly the Leihroller accelerates to 25 km/h, the Wind rustles freedom! The Its! Paris! Wonderful! The smooth surface of the freshly paved bike path through the fly a few inches under my feet. “So modern mobility feels in the 21st century. Century”, I think. On the left of cars in Stop-and-go, right plodding pedestrian torment difficulty of their trails, and in between I shower with my E-Scooter. I can run very fast a cyclist and have to grin. This first ride will make you happy!

Paris, London, Tel Aviv, San Francisco – since last year, electric scooter conquer the cities of the world. The battery-powered mini-cars are the Trend of the season. They are handy, they are new, they are portable and offer a surprising amount of freedom of movement in congested cities.

pedestrians with Motor

With an E-scooter is a pedestrian with the Motor: It rolls, it stops at the train station, folds the vehicle quickly and rises in the U-Bahn. You wear it on stairs or curbs, you load it at the next outlet, and on straight track it is as fast on target as with the bike – even over several kilometers. So simply: a dream?

Vespa Elettrica Now, the Vespa comes with electric motor – but who buys the E-scooter? Gernot Kramper

Well, Yes. My enthusiasm ends in Paris quite quickly and very abruptly: A yellow Absperrbake blocked in front of me on the bike path. Site. I have to Dodge on the road and me in the traffic thread. Only – how do I get the drivers? Unfortunately, it is completely unthinkable to take during the travel of the Hand from the Handlebars in order to give a sign. The thought I get to roll The wheels have a diameter of just 20 centimetres, which is almost perpendicular to the handlebar, the whole thing is Hyper makes you nervous, and in the meantime, the wonderfully smooth Asphalt has given way to a bumpy flooring. Now, it is even difficult, even moving to watch. Gullies, potholes, uneven manhole cover – I need to keep the eyes fixed on the road directed. Already a few centimeters deep Pit can lead to departure.

afraid of the traffic

The feeling of superior Brausens the fear gives way. I’m wedged a few centimeters, next to a Taxi behind a garbage truck in the middle of the avalanche. Just to get away. I bend quickly to the right on a bridge over the river. But which is paved with blue basalt, and the rattle of their narrow hard rubber tires beats me almost the Arm from the Hand. With a reckless leap on the curb I save me from from behind, roaring Bus. The scooter I rip with a powerful jerk behind me, his weight surprised me, so hard!, he slams me in the shins.

small scooter Unu-scooter – the quick and cheap E-mobility for the City Of Gernot Kramper

this Is now the mobile-avant-garde?!

In Paris, the scooter since last summer on the streets, and the Leaders to consider stricter laws because of the many complaints, while in Germany, the “small electric vehicles” will now arrive in the first place. 15. June to a regulation in force. “We want new ways of modern, eco-friendly and cleaner mobility in our cities”, transport Minister Andreas Scheuer state proclaimed leaders. “The micro-mobility has an enormous potential for the future.”

To the battery-driven micro-vehicles high expectations of himself. They are intended to relieve the towns of traffic, you can be cleaner, greener, nicer, quieter make. But – can redeem the E-scooter these promises?

Previously, there was the E-to buy the scooter even in electrical shops, DIY stores and on the Internet, but they were actually only intended for operation on the plot. With the regulation coming into force E the medium Roller to the regular traffic: You must be at least 14 years old and needs neither a special license nor a helmet. The devices may in this country, driving up to 20 km/h and is expected to come primarily on bike paths to use. The idea of using them at a reduced speed on walkways to allow was left after bad experiences from Paris fall. The accidents were too numerous and too heavy.

in France, the helmet is recommended, so far, merely, even though some of the scooters can even create a scary 30 km/h. Paris wants to reduce the pace now. Penalties for a wrong Parking will be discussed. Leihroller as the “Flash” to stand around on every corner. Nearly a dozen providers offer the Mietscooter via the App. Financial strong international Start-ups fight for the favor of the customer, and flood the market. Voi comes from Sweden, Lime, Bird and from the United States, Wind and Flash from Berlin. Even Ex-Sprinter Usain Bolt provides his name, a yellow E-scooter on the streets of Paris.

Short life span

In the colour of orderly groups of five stand in the morning along the major roads and attractions. Each night you will be collected from professional providers, charging and starting at seven o’clock in the morning provided. The five Euro per piece, the helper for the Service, and quite a good of merit, which is why they make for the night, literally on the hunt for the scooters.

OPINION electric scooter no one E-Scooter needs – why the scooter Hype fall is Gernot Kramper

The wear and tear on the equipment is high. In part, the industry estimate for 200 to 300 U.S. dollars from China purchased vehicles won’t last three months in continuous use. Broken frame, worn out steering rods and block, throttle (very uncomfortable!) are apparently so common that some of the distributors you have registered as a pre-formulated complaint points in your App already.

About 40 000 scooter to the end of the year alone in Paris for the clients. But apparently the are much to many: In a normal business day, the sun is shining, stand around for lunch along the Champs-Élysées, many of the five groups untouched. In the Apps of the provider Roller100 percent of the battery capacity is show all of these. Only a few tourists are with the Leihmodellen on-the-go. A Boom? No.

This reluctance may also be due to the high price From most suppliers, one Euro per rental will be charged, plus about 15 cents per Minute. One and a half kilometers in the city costs three euros – more than a Metro Ticket.

Similar to the prices you have to expect in Germany if the international suppliers distribute their scooter from Flensburg to Munich over the country. The Berlin-based Start-up Flash (coming soon: Circ) is looking for 45 German cities, especially the City Manager. But exactly when it will go, the force travel Federal office: Because as soon as the new lektrokleinstfahrzeuge regulation enters into force, it must be for each E-scooter-model a General operating permit (ABE) has been requested. Without it, no Scooter on public roads is allowed.

About two weeks ago, the authority estimated for the granting of the first Abe’s. Until the beginning of July so are expected to come to scooters – whether as a loan vehicle or to Buy – legal on local streets. You all also need a liability insurance sticker, the offer, in the meantime, almost all insurers as a flat rate tariff of between 20 and 90 Euro per year (depending on the age of the driver).

so Far, in Germany there are only two transition rule approved scooter to buy models. However, they are quite expensive: around 2000 Euro. Devices for about 700 euros are in the pipeline. Important when buying The scooter, just get ABE and insurance protection when you brake two independent, light, and ringing, and not faster than 20 km/h. “Can’t retrofit to older scooter,” says Janik Lipke, has already sold hundreds of his Moovi E-Scooter without ABE. “We will offer our customers therefore a new for old action, and the non-approved scooter in payment.”

no one needs to be the hectic Although the large retail offer chains such as Media Markt and Lidl currently scooter for 200 to 300 euros. But who looks more accurate in the product descriptions, there is the telltale note “StVO: no”. This means: no ABE. There will be never a legal operation of vehicles in Germany is possible. There is a reason for caution, incidentally, is often the specified maximum speed Is over 20 km/h, you should only have access if the private property is really large and well-fortified way has.

The Text appeared on the 13.06.2019 in the printed star.

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