children’s trailer for the Bicycle are a good Alternative to parents-a Taxi with the Car. With the wheel of the parents in the living environment is good, the range is significantly greater than walking. The trailer to the most conventional wheels connect and, thanks to a clutch easily detach. The wheel can therefore be used solo more.

A Problem with the trailer: they are relatively expensive. With a few exceptions, the prices start at about 700 euros. The investment will be well thought out, especially as models for 900 Euro for the Foundation were run-in test, a “defective”.

Four problem areas

The Test has four critical zones. The pollutants are. In a trailer, the children are surrounded by a relatively long period of time completely of the Material of the model, pollutants have nothing to do there. Add to that the crash behavior, a model with rapid fixing was taken belts already from the trade. And many of the models and support the sensitive children back protect enough – this is a K. O. criterion.

backlight: were test checks bike lights – The best lights for your bike Fullscreen

a Bicycle headlight, Dynamo operated: place 1
strength Good light and illumination to secure the BM Lumotec IQ Cyo T senso plus
the first place. Price: 80 euros

manufacturer’s Only three times a good Note

The tester judged, moreover, not alone in operating as a pendant, but also use as a Buggy, the tested models all slide.

The Note “achievements” finally, only three models – two of them from Thule. You call the tester simply the “Best”. The Chariot Cross Thule convinced the Tester as A one – and two-seater in almost all disciplines. In the case of the driving characteristics of the light single-seater is expected to be better than the Cross-2 for two passengers. Both models passed the safety tests on the best. The prices: The Cross 1 costs 815 euros and the Cross 2 900 Euro. The Hamax Outback convinced the driving and braking behavior. Even a five year old have space. The Outback costs 900 Euro and it was in the Test as a robust – in the Buggy and in the trailer mode. The Leggero Vento R Sail Family for 700 Euro only comes to the grade “Satisfactory”. Weaknesses, he made only in the Buggy-mode, as a follower, he is also recommend to.

When Driving is not quite easy

Who wants to transport his children in the trailer must be efforts taken. With two children on Board has up to 60 kilograms on the hook. The feel during Start-up and on a slope clearly. Electric bikes were not mentioned by the magazine, but an E-bike makes the Trailer much more comfortable – especially if steep climbs.

parents should be aware that the trailer does not have its own brake. They are braked by the wheel down. Therefore, it is essential that the bike has brakes good. It hydraulic disc should be brakes. It is also important that the tire can bring the braking energy on the road and the wheel is designed from the type rather to control and not convenience. But even if all precautions are taken, is an emergency braking with a 60-pound trailer with a gradient of a risky maneuver.

High prices for used trailer

are much cheaper than the expensive trailer by the way, child seats for Bicycle, the goods of the Stiftung Warentest 2018 examined. Here you can buy for 56 euros for a good seat. Children’s disadvantages, two of which have seats, but In a trailer you can bring two children with a bit of “accessories” under, with a seat only a child can be transported. In addition, the human cargo is much easier and safer in a trailer than in a child seat, while the bike is on the stand.

Small consolation for the price: Good trailers are also used very expensive. It disconnects after a few years of them, you can get at Ebay and Co amazingly high prices.

The full review can be found here for a fee.

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