Sergey Chervonets: that life became the hero of the movie

Crime 08/03/20 Sergey Chervonets: that life became the hero of the movie “Prison song”

His story was the basis of the 10 feature and documentary films, one of the most famous – “Prison song” with Alexander Abdulov in the title role (1993). At the finish of the Soviet Union as a state Sergey Maduev named Ducat, was indeed the most “outstanding” representative of the Soviet criminal underworld by their abilities.

how it started

According to the newspaper “Kommersant” Sergey Maduev was a half-blood – father – deported to Kazakhstan, a Chechen, mother – judged speculation Korean, birthplace of the Soviet raider in a large family. Maduev grew up without a father, since childhood stealing, in 18 years, first landed in the colony for theft.

the General-the major of militia in resignation, Sagingan ASYL-Kenei, which is still being inspector of the criminal investigation division of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Almaty region, “took” Maduev on his first officially recorded the theft, said that the real name of the Piece was Ali, and not Sergei. Nickname – Alex. The gang led by 17-year-old Ali Maduea steal cars, steal parts, once the thieves broke into the cash register of one of the Kazakh companies and stole 60 thousand rubles – an enormous sum in those days.

… and helping the police

Sagingan ASYL-Kenei told me that the first time he was detained Maduea in April 1974, after the hijacking of his group of cars. Maduev then spent 6 years. After his release, the Ducat came to the police station where Asil-Cheney had already served as a Deputy chief. A police officer helped the former barman who employ it. Instead, according to ASYL-Kenei, Maduev gave the police the pickpockets and robbers, which are known, so that in the Kazakh city of Kaskelen urban Bazaar managed to escape from criminals.

Further turns of fate

Writer Andrey Kolesnik in his book “the Gangster of the USSR. The brightest anglevnye business” wrote that “the last criminal of the USSR,” initially “… looking into the world of the wolf eyes”.

After that first time, Medoev became the “twine” apartments of the rich Soviet nomenklatura in the Soviet Union. The name “Ducat” he was a peculiar feature to pay off the taxi bills ten-dollar par value (10 rubles then you could buy 3 bottles of vodka). According to Kolesnik, Maduev seduced women, were scattered stolen money, making up for the dislike of the mother. This complex, according to historians, chased the robber all his life.

In the late ‘ 80s Maduev escaped from a penal colony. Organized gang, engaged in raids and murder. The geography of his crimes was overwhelming – from Central Asia to Leningrad. Maduea gang not only robbed, but killed. Shot his victims and himself Maduev.

During the arrest, he tried to threaten with a grenade. Snipers shot at Maduea, wounded him in the arm. During the investigation the offender was joking, and pardon the pun, even the representatives of the Prosecutor General of the USSR he impressed me as an extraordinary man. Due to the particular hazard Maduea, interrogated him in an iron cage.

it is Noteworthy that during the preliminary investigation (and it lasted almost 5 years), despite the heavy guard, Madueno twice (!) transferred firearms. The first time the revolver with which the criminal went to assault, carried by the investigator Voronova, which managed to fall in love with the defendant. In the second case, service TT gave the guard (he then solemnly assured that Maduev hypnotized him). Using weapons, the perpetrator repeatedly tried to escape, seriously wounding a prison officer.

At the court of Ali Sergei Maduev kept more than two dozen gunmen. As a result, in 1995 he was appointed to the highest measure of punishment – life imprisonment (the death penalty had already been imposed a moratorium). Died “the last criminal of the USSR” in Orenburg “Black dolphins” in 2000.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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