Valentina Malyavina: what Soviet actress was given 9 years in prison

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Valentina Malyavina and is still considered one of the most beautiful and talented Actresses of the Soviet cinema. The star of movies “Ivanovo childhood”, “Sunflower” and “the King stag” lived a colorful, turbulent, but, unfortunately, full of dramatic events of life. She was even a few years had to spend in prison for murder.

Passion and career

Valentine was Born 18 June 1941 in the far East, in the family of General. Later the family moved to Moscow. Once on the dance Valya met a guy from a nearby school – it was Alexander Zbruev, also a future famous actor.

Immediately after graduation, the pair married. By the time Val was already pregnant. However, both mother – and Sasha’s – though he was not against marriage, but categorically did not want young bound child. In the seventh month, in the Currencies of deception led to the doctor – ostensibly for a checkup and gave an injection which has caused an artificial birth. The child died.

of Course, he grieved. But that did not stop her to enroll in drama school name Shchukin and successfully to study there. In the first year it saw the famous Director Andrey Tarkovsky and was invited for the lead role in the film “Ivanovo detstvo”.

On the set between Tarkovsky and the young student of Malvinas began a passionate affair. But he was married, she is married and not be together turned out. However, Tarkovsky was the start of her career. Valentina began to actively invite to play. In the fourth year, the Director Ruben Simonov invited her to the Theatre, so that she simultaneously played performances and acted in films. Gradually the popularity of Malvinas grew, her photos were published on the covers of magazines.

Soon the young actress has split from Zbrueva and married Paul Arsenov, Director of the film “Sunflower”, which was then removed. First, your FAMs relations were seemingly happy. But then Valentina met a new love actor Alexander Kaidanovsky. For several years she was torn between husband and lover.

In a second marriage, Valentina lost her baby, her daughter Masha died in the hospital from infection. Malyavin became depressed, began to abandon the role, wanted to leave the monastery. But she was prevented.

Charged with murder

the Third husband of Valentina (Though civil) was the actor Stanislav Zhdanko. For the first time she saw him on stage in the role of Raskolnikov. It turned out that the young man long in love with her, in his apartment on the wall even a picture of the actress.

it was not long after they met, when they decided to live together. However, life is both started of bad luck. Zhdanko was not too popular either in the theater or the cinema. Malyavin started less inviting to the shooting. The fact that after the loss of the child she became increasingly applied to the bottle. Once Valentina, who at the time was fond of palmistry, “read” on the hand sign that denotes imprisonment. Then they Stas just laughed about it. As it turned out, in vain.

the Tragedy happened in 1978. Zhdanko found stabbed to death at home. According to the version of Malvinas, it was so. There was a Great Post, and she decided to drink. Stas, who was a believer, was against it. Valentine went to the kitchen, and when in a few minutes entered the room, saw her husband falling from the chair. At first she decided that he was drunk, but then noticed stuck in the body of the knife.

of Course, had a consequence. Malyavina thought Zhdanko wanted to scare her, but miscalculated and stuck the knife too deep. The investigator also came to the conclusion that it was suicide by negligence. The case was closed. But five years later opened again. Each of the Stas, the actor Nikolai Popkov (Glinski) was able to convince his family that this Malyavina killed Zhdanko. Though the actress denied being guilty, she was found guilty of murder and condemnedwhether for nine years. In the colony of Valentina worked in the bath, in the library, played in the prison performances.

After prison

In 1988, Malyavin was released under an Amnesty in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Soviet power. Coming to freedom, she even starred in several films. But her time is gone forever.

Valentina is still married twice. One of the men was the master of metal, and the other a painter. The actress was also fond of painting, he painted.

But Malyavina continued to abuse alcohol. In 2001 happened to her misfortune. Valentina told me that she slammed it in the doorjamb, but perhaps it was beaten by another inmate. Anyway, she got a serious injury, which broke his collarbone and went blind in my left eye. Due to damage to the optic nerve, the actress subsequently had completely lost his sight.

Friends-drinking companions tried to take away Malvinas housing, forced her to sign some papers. While the actress was treated in a sanatorium, a house brought all the things. However, intervened friend Valentina, her former cellmate, who after his release from prison successfully engaged in business. She has returned to the actress of the house and made Valentina Aleksandrovna on treatment in narcological clinic.

Today, many believe that the actress Valentina Malyavina is no longer alive. But it’s not. 76-year-old Malyavina lives in a small boarding house on the outskirts of the capital. During her stay there, according to rumors, pays the same friend. From time to time Valentina Alexandrovna visiting her ex-husband Alexander Zbruev, and sometimes she even gives interviews.

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