Sergey Kauzov: that he was a citizen of the USSR, married the daughter of billionaire Onassis

Biography 03/03/20 Public domainСергей of Kouzov: that he was a citizen of the USSR, married the daughter of billionaire Onassis

This man is an enigmatic personality and to this day, even though it is not known if alive now, the first husband of the only daughter of the billionaire Aristotle Onassis.

the Wedding is in the spotlight of the media

still, opinions about the cause of entrance into the family of one of the most influential magnates of the world, Aristotle Onassis, a Soviet citizen, Sergei Kauzov different. However, from the beginning to the family Union of Christina Onassis with an employee of the Ministry of Navy of the USSR had the attention of the world media. The Soviet press, for obvious reasons, about this wedding was silent.
the Newspaper “Washington post” came out with a report about the marriage of Onassis and Kouzova the next day after it took place – August 2, 1978. The publication reported that the bride has arrived to the Moscow Palace of weddings on the battered “Chevrolet” that belonged to a Greek diplomat. The Washington post wrote that “the wedding of the century” was covered by dozens of reporters of the Western media. After a 32-minute ceremony, the newlyweds sat down in “Volga” and drove away, not giving the journalists attention.

the Edition cited statements Chausova and Onassis about how they see their future together. Kouzov allegedly claimed that he was not interested in a half a billion supply as Christina Onassis, inherited from his father. Kristina herself, in turn, wanted to “return to the simple life.” The Washington post, telling about history of Dating, in particular, reported on how, under what circumstances this couple met. Kouzov at that time, served in “Sovfracht” and Christina Onassis in 1976, agreed with this firm about a commercial transaction. Kouzov for 10 years was married, he and his wife, Natalia grew 9-year-old daughter. Onassis in 1971, married a broker Joseph Bolker, which was almost two times older than her. With the second muhusband, the Greek Alexander Andreadis, she lived for two years.
As the newspaper “Washington post”, the novel Chausova and Onassis blossomed after the employee of the Ministry of merchant marine transferred to the Paris office of “Sovfrakht”. Kouzov divorced his wife, and the consent to the marriage, it is rumored that he got from the Leonid Brezhnev with the proviso that the couple will live in Moscow.

short-lived marriage

In one of the shows of the First channel reported that a young family lived in Moscow Protopopovskiy lane. According to various sources, marriage Chausova and Onassis lasted less than two years and ended in divorce, allegedly because Greek was never able to get used to the life in the USSR. Christine subsequently married a British businessman, in this marriage was born a daughter. Three years later, in November 1988, under mysterious circumstances Onassis died in Argentina (according to the official version, the cause was a pulmonary edema and heart failure).
According to the journalists of the First channel, Kauzov after the divorce has received from former wife of two oil tankers and real estate in England, where supposedly lives today.

was he a KGB agent?

the Version about the involvement of Sergei Kauzov to the Soviet intelligence services are very popular with journalists and writers. In particular, the former TASS correspondent in Greece Vladimir Malyshev studied at the time, the story of the death of Christina Onassis, believes that the Soviet civil servant in the Andropov-Brezhnev era simply could not allow informal contact with a foreigner without the knowledge of the KGB. In addition, divorced, he not only lost his prestigious job, but received a more lucrative position and was translated into French representation of “Sovfrakht”.
a Former KGB officer and a traitor, convicted of treason Oleg Kalugin, in his book wrote that he was busy in front of Andropov on the resolution on marriage Chausova and Onassis. Kalugin allegedly persuaded the then Chairman of the KGB of the usefulness of this marriage for the Soviet Union given the multimillion-dollar statusI of Christina Onassis.

Where Kouzov now

According to the information available to domestic and foreign media, Sergey Kauzov lives in England (according to others, in Switzerland). He is a successful businessman who was able to successfully dispose of those material resources which he inherited after her divorce from Onassis. Contacts with the press of Kouzov avoids, so nothing was known about his exact whereabouts, nor about any other details of his personal life.

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