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When in the 70-ies, the screens out the film “Dirk” and “Bronze bird”, shot on the works of the famous writer Anatoly Rybakov, the leading role of “ideological pioneer” Misha Polyakov Sergei of Shevkunenko suddenly woke up famous. Nobody suspected that in a few years he will be in the dock.

the Boy from cultured family

Sergey was born November 20, 1959 the son of renowned journalist and writer, Director of the Second creative Association “Mosfilm” Yuri Shevkunenko. Alas, when Sergei was a baby, father died of cancer.

In four years, the boy learned to read fluently at eight, read the work “the Forsyte Saga” Galsworthy.

At the same time, Sergei quickly managed to become a leader in the company Mosfilm boys. First, they gave him the nickname Sheva – by name, but quickly turned it into the Chief.

Mother, Pauline Shevkunenko worked at Mosfilm as an assistant Director. When 13-year-old son for his numerous shenanigans put on record in the children’s room of militia, she led him to the Studio to audition. First, the teenager was given a small role of the messenger in the movie “fifty Fifty” (1972). And then Anatoly Rybakov, who was a friend of the family, adopted him for the lead role in the film by Nikolai Kalinin “Dirk”.

the film was released in 1973. In 1974 followed by a sequel – “Bronze bird”. And there Sergei played Misha Polyakov. Then he was invited into the picture “the lost expedition” (1975) on the role of Mitya.

Criminal talent

after Graduating from the eighth grade, Sergei did not want to study further. His mother arranged for his assistant mechanic in the mechanical workshop of the Studio. But he constantly played truant, came into conflict with colleagues and even put up a fight. When going to film the sequel to “the lost expedition” – the “Golden river”, the role he is no longer invited – troubled actor was useless.

In March 1976 he was one year in prison for beating a passerby. When the guy was released, the mother was able to arrange his illuminator on “Mosfilm”. But soon Sergey was again behind bars, stealing from Mosfilm buffet company did not have enough booze and snacks. This time they gave him four years.

after serving the sentence, he was taken to his former position illuminator – thanks to the efforts of actress Zoya Fyodorova, from which they both starred in “Daggers”. In December 1981, Fedorov was killed in his own apartment. Shevkunenko was questioned by the police, tried to figure out what he did in the day of the murder. “Are you insane?! Zoya Alexeevna was like a mother to me!” – shouted Sergey. Fortunately, he never found any evidence.

to do him more was not offered. But riotous color bloomed on his criminal talent. Shevkunenko began to engage in burglary. A few times he got in prison, where he has earned the nickname the Artist. After the next release came out the invalid of the second group – tuberculosis… In Moscow the way for the repeat offender was ordered – had to go to Smolensk, where his relatives lived. Lying there in the hospital and a little oklemavshis, Sergei suddenly married. His choice was a young beauty named Helen.

But family life and even the birth of a child have not changed ex-con. In 1989 he was again arrested – this time for possession of weapons. Given year. Then again a period of three years for possession of stolen icons…

the Star and death

Came “dashing 90-e”. Shevkunenko returned to Moscow where was engaged in criminal activity, leading a gang. He engaged in racketeering, kryshuya stores in the area of “Mosfilm”. Another one of his “specialization” was the machinations of the housing. “Business” was so successfulbut that Sergei was able to buy expensive blue Cadillac.

Late in the evening of 11 February 1995, Shevkunenko accompanied by two security guards drove up to his house on the street Pudovkina. Releasing the guard, he entered the porch. And then out of the darkness sprang the killer and shot Sergei. Hit in the stomach.

the Wounded, Shevkunenko, however, had run into the Elevator. He managed to get to the apartment, but in his haste, he forgot to remove from the keyhole keys… the Killer got behind the stairs, burst into the apartment and shot left on the noise Polina Vasilievna… Seeing that the mother is bleeding, Shevkunenko rushed to her side and got two bullets in the head… the Crime was never solved. It was clear that the crime boss simply passed to someone road.

In 2004 about his Shevkunenko made a documentary “a Criminal star”.

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