Sergo Hambardzumyan: the Soviet athlete, who won the main strongman of the Third Reich

Biography 05/03/20 Sergo Hambardzumyan: the Soviet athlete, who won the main strongman of the Third Reich

Weightlifter Joseph Munger was known as a favorite of Adolf Hitler and, probably, not in vain. After all, Mangere in the 1930-ies was considered the strongest man on the planet. However, Joseph Stalin decided that the German player would be defeated. The choice of the leader of the Soviet state fell on Sergo Hambardzumyan.

About the Ambartsumian

Armenian Sergo (real name Sarkis) Ambartsumian was born in 1910 in the village of Bist, located in the mountains of Nakhichevan. Since childhood Sergo differed unprecedented physical strength, but because growing up, he was doing just weightlifting. Just 3 years after he first came to the sports section of “Dinamo”, Ambartsumian became the champion of the country. In total, throughout his life he was the champion of the USSR as much as 30 times.

About the manger

Joseph Munger was born in 1913, in Bavaria. In 1934 he was second at the world Cup, and in the next 1935 – was the first. In 1936 the Olympic games were held in the capital of Nazi Germany, Berlin. And it was the German athlete received the gold medal. For quite a while Munger was listed as the strongest athlete on the globe. Hitler, in turn, quite rubbed his hands. And how: after all, such a fact was the best proof that the Aryan nation is invincible.

Correspondence match

upon Learning that the Olympic champion was representative of Nazi Germany, Stalin thought, and then told me to bring him some Soviet athlete. Shortly brought Sergo Hambardzumyan. Stalin told him that, well, worthless, that the German was the winner and would have this unfortunate oversight to be corrected. It is clear that Ambartsumian had no choice but to agree.

At the end of December 1938 Sergo Ambartsumyan made his fellow citizens the best Christmas gift he tonly could give. It happened in Yerevan. No, Mangere in the game, of course, did not come. Soviet weightlifter broke his record in absentia. The result Sergo struck all – 433,5 kg. He was ahead of the Germans on 8 pounds. The people rejoiced. Now Hambardzumyan took pride as the first athlete on the planet.

Life after sports

In 1950-ies Sergo Hambardzumyan decided to quit professional sports because of health problems. Left without your favorite things, and any material means, the champion was forced to work as a driver in a taxi, and later became head of the barbecue. He died in 1983 at the age of 73 from a heart ailment.

as for Joseph manger, then he, too, said goodbye to heavy lifting and began to study Finance. After his studies he opened his own business. He died in 1991. He was 77 years old.

Yulia Popova

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