If someone suddenly decides to drink neither wine nor beer, will often be a special event preceding. An accident, a Blackout, a reminder to call the doctor or an embarrassing appearance at the company party.

For me, the occasion was rather unspectacular. At the beginning of a holiday in Italy. With two old friends in the Luggage. The first one showed itself, in spite of the heat, as a proven friend to be more expensive and heavier wines. Warm-up, then was converted to heavy alcohol. Even fatal friend number two. As a bartender who mastered the art, others to fill in, to SIP itself, but only occasionally. It is far more drink was so than usual. Then the thing escalated completely, as a friend number one the bartenders floor drunk, shot with a kind of air gun.

Without the efforts of opinion, ceased to be The under-appreciated drug We need a new way of dealing with alcohol – immediately!

In retrospect, I thought: “This must not be. You’re no longer a teenager.” And ceased henceforth to drink alcohol. Consistently. Just to celebrate, and new year’s eve, I sipped once (!) on champagne, not to give the game spoiler. This went on for seven years.

Inwardly I had no problems with the transition. It surprised me that I lacked nothing. Among the positive things that I had far less frequently than previously to the Container with the glass. A piece of art, to now where only mustard and pickle jars at home. Instead of seeing in the evening with a glass or two of wine TV, I prefer sports. Instead of a beer, I pried up strange Bulgarian Weights in leather hoses.

Healthy, it was so certainly.

This annoyed me life without alcohol fact or fallacy alcohol Evaporates during cooking?

there Were drawbacks? Probably. I had thought of but before that, I would Wake up in the morning never tired, always focused and always fresh and lively, showed that abstinence could not leave these everyday aches and pains.

As I had promised me too much of the thing.

I Had stood before on the week-ends and long in the kitchen, I lost the interest in cooking. To be part of a good meal, a good wine with me unconsciously. The one that was missing, it had to be an elaborate meal. The celebrated large joint food lacked, but I was able to get over. Less nice was that I was increasingly ungeselliger. If you are always sober, no longer developed a fine nose, if others are. At least for me it was so.

suicide attempt I drank a year of no alcohol – these are the nine things I’ve learned

But the state “is easy to angetütert” in the evening, rather the rule than the exception. As long as in the theatre, a glass of drink or wine was drunk to the food, it was not a big Problem to stay even in the case of water and juice. But relatively quickly, the alcohol stimulated the mood of the other, and with me she then went regularly into the basement. I found the jokes not funny and the sayings not tangy. For this I developed a sensitive antenna, at whom problems with the articulation anbahnten. In short: I brake for perfect fun.

I was then out of the group and the discussions and regularly went early to the house. And this happened not only at the Après-Ski or at the Christmas party. It may be that other stock can make sober Party, I could not.

Eventually I had of the stage enough, and he poured me a glass of wine. Have regrets I the seven years “without the” not, but not that they were at some point in the past.


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