Sidor Kovpak: what famous the most dangerous Soviet partisans

Biography 25/02/20 Sidor Kovpak: what famous the most dangerous Soviet partisans

About the legendary leader of the guerrilla movement in Ukraine S. A. Kovpaka books are written and filmed. But some biographical information on the Sidor artemyevitch the wide circle of the inhabitants is still unknown.

“the Priests and the police”

wrote the biographer of S. A. Kovpak, doctor of historical Sciences L. E. Kizia, former political Commissar of the guerrilla connection Sidor artemyevitch, the first “seditious” book about the tsarist regime, read young assistant clerk Kovpak was called “Priests and police” and provided it to the young man, the son of the steward, fascinated by the ideas of the socialist reconstruction of the state.

Nicholas II awarded him personally

During world war I in 1915 in Galicia, Emperor Nicholas II personally pinned the corporal, the Sidor Kovpak two St. George cross and two medals for military merit.
for the First time in my life Kovpak took part in the rally in the summer of 1917, when his after the February revolution was elected to the soldiers ‘ Committee of his infantry regiment. Before “move it”, Sidor had to reset from the podium Lieutenant Colonel, who spoke for the continuation of the war.

Without a fight, captured the post and Telegraph

In his native Poltava village Kotelva Kovpak organized a red partisan group of 120 former soldiers, who in one night without firing a shot captured the post, Telegraph, township Board, disarmed a security unit of local government. Thus in Kotelva was approved by the Soviet government.
the party Kovpak joined may 29, 1919, fighting with white Hotelvintage commander of the guerrilla unit.
In the 25th division of V. I. Chapaev, Sidor Kovpak began to serve had been ill with typhus. Being the Deputy commander of weapons-trophy team Kovpak and his slave once carried a large Arsenal of weapons and ammunition from the altar of the current Church, where it was SPRateno fists.

the Commissar and the Chairman of the

In 1924, S. A. Kovpak was appointed a military Commissioner of the Pavlovsk district, and after some time, the peasants elected him Chairman of Verbascose of the collective farm named after Lenin. Biographers Kovpaka emphasize that this was a unique case of combining such different positions.

the Wife beat him with stag

One of the episodes of the biography of S. A. Kovpak even published comic magazine “Pareci”. Sydir married late at 37. The wife of Catherine’s temper was severe. And Kovpak one time was very fond of Amateur theater. Once he got the role of a dissolute revelers, which the artist performed brilliantly, was applauded by all, except his wife.
at Home jealous of Katerina is so moved Kovpaka Rogachev (tongs, which take the iron from the furnace) that a theatrical career, the Sidor Artemyevitch had to leave. Then sa Kovpak with a laugh, Recalling what may have become a real artist, “if not for the stag”.

Successfully fought even with tanks

When the Great Patriotic war, S. A. Kovpak is 55 years old, this war had the third. In the first partisan squad, which was led by Kovpak, fought a total of 42 fighter. But with a relatively small number of partisan detachment Kovpaka successfully repelled even tank attacks of the Nazis: partisans mined the forest trails, and enemy armored vehicles, penetrating into the thick woods, had been undermined.
the First battle flag of Putivl guerrilla group S. Kovpak was made of the pioneer banner, captured at undermining the guerrillas of the tractor with Hitler’s tank: the banner found in the tower, which subsequently removed all weapons.
In August of 1942 Kovpak with colleagues met in the Kremlin with Stalin. There, the Sidor Artemyevitch was awarded the first gold star Hero of the Soviet Union. This meeting became the precursor of the famous Carpathian RAID, which was attended by 2 thousand guerrillas.

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