Sign calling to call my mom appeared in Arkhangelsk

Photo: video screenshot

In Arkhangelsk installed the sign, which resembles a road, calling to call my mom. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the press service of the city administration Irina Buinovsky.

He said that sign was installed in his office of the municipal enterprise “Gorsvet”. In the red circle emblazoned inscription “Sign in Arkhangelsk, near which all call mother.”

“It’s a trial version, we have already decided that the inscription is another: “Your mom’s waiting for a call”. If this idea will take root, such signs may appear in different places in the city, but most likely, the first signs will be installed in a student city and on the waterfront,” – said the representative of the municipality.

Bujnowska noted that the opinions of residents of Arkhangelsk on an unusual initiative is positive, some even noticed how teenagers stop sign and took the phone.

Earlier in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas there were road signs “Caution! People with smartphones”. Signs have been installed near the office center near the metro station “Rumyantsevo”. The company, which owns the business center, explained that warning signs are designed to increase the safety of visitors and staff buildings.

in addition, Russia will develop an application that will warn pedestrians of the approaching car. The program will collect information through “smart” traffic lights and to send an alert in case of threat. The system will take into account weather and speed of transport.

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